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18 Sep 2015 - Take a Pause.

This is a really frustrating time to be a Carlton supporter.
Bottom of the ladder...uncertainty over player movements etc
That's starting to show through in some of the posting which is getting quite personal.
Now we can take a really hard line on it, and start being a

02 Jun 2015 - Personal Abuse

It's probably a symptom of the times but we seem to be getting a fair bit of personal abuse on the forum at present.

No doubt some of the topics are things people feel strongly about and as such can cause an emotional response.

We would just ask that members keep the posts

24 Dec 2014 - Merry Christmas

The Christmas thread.

I'm sure I'm speaking for all the mod team in wishing everyone Season's Greetings. :D
Thanks for sharing folks
It's been a lot of fun.
Have a Merry Christmas.
If you're travelling.... stay safe
..and I hope Santa is

07 Jul 2014 - Register To See More

Hi there and thanks for visiting the Carlton Supporters Club,

There is another 7-8 forums that will become visible if you become a registered member which only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once you have signed in as a member, you can contribute to and enjoy the
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