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The author makes some interesting points.

I heard a podcast recently that covered the loss of primary species, critical species that possibility come out of the author's 1% or 2%  whatever it may really be, and the potential effects on secondary species that can trigger a cascade. That concept put more emphasis on the loss of diversity in specific habitats, rather than simply counting disappearing species which can be a natural event.

I worry greatly about the apparent loss of insects, many of the oldies among us just know without the need for further evidence that things have change dramatically around our cities just since we were kids. Our gardens and home use to be full of bugs of all types, many as common as muck which are now rarely seen. Where are the grasshoppers, caterpillars, plagues of moths around each and every light? I can turn a outside light on at home now and might not see a bug attracted to it in an hour.

FWIW, I try to contribute by logging sightings of marine life using, which logs the change in the appearance or distribution of marine life driven from changing water temperatures. I believe there are equivalent websites for birds, native animals, plants and insects.
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