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I read an article at the weekend that talked about modified version of lasagne, not something I'd really thought about outside of the regular type, maybe eggplant or spinach versions. But this was more about even more alternative type fillings such as lasagnes using meat bases like Goulash, Chilli Con Carne, Stroganov, etc., etc., even some fish based versions. There was even a vegetarian lasagne with a gnocchi type filling.

Products of lockdowns perhaps?
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Re: Food

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Pasta be it whatever style, egg or no egg?

My family is firmly no egg, I'm the odd one out, I prefer folding the steaming hot pasta through a lightly beaten egg mix, just before tossing the rest of the ingredients in a pan. I'm not a Bolognese on top kind of guy, that's not how my Grandma taught me to make pasta.

Usually I use a mix of two yolks and one white, which does 3 or 4 serves of whatever pasta you want to serve.

Personally, I can't imagine a carbonara or fettuccini without egg.

Also, I like to dress it up with a little olive oil, not too much just enough to act like a thin glaze, if it's a Seafood type Marinara a little oil is almost compulsory. But Pipi or Mussel?
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In carbonara Egg.  In bolognese, Milk.

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In carbonara Egg.  In bolognese, Milk.
Got family who are dairy-lergic, so I can't use milk.

Fwiw, I have tried soy, almond and oat, but might as well have tossed it through the mud out the back!

Found out I can use creme fraiche if it's the proper stuff, the process removes / destroys the proteins non-dairy types are often allergic to. All the same I wouldn't recommend experimenting with people who suffer a severe allergy. Same can apply to good quality greek yogurt, apparently!
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