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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The Voice
Is The Voice the same as Anti-Trans, can somebody Please Explain?

Watch the feet for a better perspective on what is going on in that Lydia Thorpe moment.

These semi-stage events, where a protestor does something they know will force the police to react only to throw themselves around to make things look more dramatic, are just click bait.

PS: Was Thorpe actually asserting that protesting on the grounds of Parliament House is not permitted?
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Defence procurement bungles and wins
My cousin was a petty officer on HMAS Sydney in the Gulf War.  He was on anti-aircraft watch and radar detected 100s of aircraft approaching the allied fleet; the sh1t was about to hit the fan!  Fortunately, the aircraft changed direction and headed for Iran.
I know someone in the ADF who is a specialist in foreign policy and political analysis, listening to him talk it's amazing just how big of a part that "not being drawn into a conflict" plays in modern military leadership training. The commanders have to do this is real time.

The public in the meantime are thinking, "Shoot them down, why didn't they shoot them down?"

That example is exactly why a country like Australia needs a serious fleet of Subs.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Should be clear by tonight, but I wonder what it means for the fragmented playing surface?

We might as well get use to the MCG being less than ideal, no matter what they do with a little bit of artificial light here and there, the timing of Ed Sheeran's concert probably means that the surface won't fully recover until after the AFL season.

I heard a disturbing report/rumor, that the MCG are doing a bit of an Augusta to make things look perfect. That is the very late relaying of the surface and  immediate use means that this has caused some patchy degradation, and they have been using a green dye to make it look more uniform. I hope that is not true!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Defence procurement bungles and wins
Tonga have been buddying up with China so you would probably be surrendering to Xi and the Missouri would be used to make  LDV's and GWM vehicles, be a lot better build quality than the rubbish they produce now.....
The public must not confuse the corruption and misdirection of the Tongan Politicians with the attitude of the Tongan public, the gold doesn't flow downhill and like Fijians most Tongan locals don't care for it anyway!

There is a massive hatred in most Pacific Islands for the way the Chinese poorly treat the environment and also show such disrespect for the local cultures.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The Climate, Environment and Energy Thread
@ElwoodBlues1‍ it's all about infrastructure.

For the moment EVs are being purchase by the green elite and / or casual road users, the problem is recharge times. Most only have single phase at home so a fast charger is not an option unless you they out $20k for a big battery and have access to a large area for north facing solar. They are OK if you potter about each day and can slow charge overnight, never approaching the range limit. Of course some do not care about recovering the costs so they do it as a community benefit project, but a lot of people cannot afford that option.

If you are lucky you might have an employer who has setup charging in the carpark, but they are few and far between.

Public slow charging is available but still in trivial quantities. When I attended a conference in the CBD a couple of weeks back and made note of the charging options, they had 34 chargers available, when you look at a wall of these things it seems a lot but the carpark has just under 2000 spots. If each car charges in 30mins you can only charge 68 per day, maybe they charge in 20mins so that's 102!

I've a mate in the UK who was an early adopter of the Tesla, he raved on and one about it, and how he'd recharge for free at the supercharge station while getting a coffee, they have them on the freeways. But just last week he was complaining that it's getting harder to get the free fast charge, many of the popular / convenient sites now require you to book a time slot. and at some in peak hour you now have to pay a peak demand fee like the way Uber apply surcharges! As an early adopter he paid nearly $250K for the Tesla 100D and is eligible for free for life recharging, but the free part is becoming untenable, he feels conned and is seriously thinking of going back to a hybrid!

My mate joked with me about a Green politician in the UK that is pushing for EV Ambulance, when they did the sums it's would only reach 27% duty cycle due to the constant need for recharging ( The average is about 60% but don't ask me how this is measured ). They worked out that fast charging helped, but that slashes the battery life and the fancy battery is many times the cost of one used in a car.

In the short term I doubt hydrogen is a viable option for cars, at least not until residential hydrogen generation becomes available but it's still in it's development phase. However, hydrogen is a very serious option for commercial or public transport, perhaps even agriculture, where you can have your own depo / refilling stations.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 1 2023 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Richmond
Robbo's article is ill-informed, opportunistic and typical HUN clickbait nonsense.
Flubbo's article is an example of the sort of poor media commentary that develops into very severe cases of PCN(Post Career Narcissism).

The only thing I know for certain, is that as has been already mentioned in this thread, Serge would have given SOS a good clip.

It doesn't matter whether you hate the club, it's officials, it's players, it colour, it's smell or it's styling, supporting your son on a once in a lifetime moment is rule number 1, and SOS is not silly so he's going to have massive regrets about what transpired!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL Practice Match - Carlton vs Richmond
Lemmey didn't appear to be a lot worth mentioning,
FMD @crashlander, he's only just turned 19 and played one VFL practice game and you've written him off! ;D

Agree about Pitto, he looked to be moving quite good, but didn't have much functional opposition to speak of.

It was interesting to see that now he is Capitano Mr Crocker spent much more time up the ground, but that is also perhaps a tell about the opposition.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 1 2023 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Richmond
Robbo thoughts

Stephen Silvagni’s principles
Flubbo's thoughts are irrelevant, he's just taking an opportunity to throw a rock at Carlton, and his stance is hypocritical given he's spent the last decade whispering in ears to get Hird back into CheatsFC. So I gather Flubbo must think Hird is without moral compass or principles!

If the comments from SOS are accurate, then it proves SOS has made it all about himself when the moment was in fact all about his son!