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Robert Heatley Stand / Jim Park Voting 2023 AFL Rd 2 Carlton vs Geelong
 :-X Voting is as usual: you have 15 votes to award pretty much as you will, with the following provisos:
[1] 15 votes in total, no more, no less.
[2] No more than 10 votes for any one player (even Sam Walsh or Patrick Cripps)
[3] Three players at least must get a mention.
[4] A grade for the game, A+ (what I want to see) to F-.

Hopefully we'll have guys to vote for.  :))

Hopefully we have some people who want to vote!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Backs: Nic Newman  Lewis Young  Lachie Cowan
Half-backs:  Sam Docherty  Jacob Weitering  Mitch McGovern
Centreline:  Blake Acres  Patrick Cripps  Ed Curnow
Half-forwards:  Jack Martin  Zac Fisher  Jack Silvagni
Forwards:  Corey Durdin  Charlie Curnow  Harry McKay
Followers:  Tom De Koning  Adam Cerra  Matthew Kennedy
Interchange:  Ollie Hollands  Jesse Motlop  Matthew Owies  Adam Saad
Emergencies:  Josh Honey  Lochie O'Brien  Marc Pittonet  Lachie Plowman

I am surprised and disappointed that none of our down players from last week have been dropped.
I am happy to see Corey Durdin in, assuming he is 100 %. He hasn't played yet.
I find leaving out Pittonet very difficult to understand. Geelong are vulnerable to a top ruckman, and we haven't include our best tap ruck.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Does Ed hold his place this week as a tagger/run-with role.....or does Dow come in for him?
Ed was pretty quiet early, but he stepped up when the heat was on. He needs more match time, not more bench time.
Dow has probably done enough to get a go: 4 goals and lots of clearances, with at least a couple of those clearances resulting in goals. That has to make an impact.

The question about who goes out is probably more in Fisher's court, or Jack Martin's, for that matter. Both underperformed significantly. They need to step up. Dow has some runs on the board now: they need to get some too if they are to remain in the starting lineup.
To be honest, I think we play well when Fisher plays well, and having Martin fire gives us an extra dimension, but neither of them is anywhere near as consistent as we really require.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL Practice Match - Carlton vs Richmond
FMD @crashlander, he's only just turned 19 and played one VFL practice game and you've written him off! ;D

Agree about Pitto, he looked to be moving quite good, but didn't have much functional opposition to speak of.

It was interesting to see that now he is Capitano Mr Crocker spent much more time up the ground, but that is also perhaps a tell about the opposition.
No mate, he had a quiet game from the looks of things. I'm not writing him off. While he didn't have huge stats, he did what he needed to well enough. I am hoping to see him more and more involved as the weeks go on. I don't expect him to dominate overnight.
On the other hand, if he does dominate overnight, I'm not going to complain.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL Practice Match - Carlton vs Richmond
Looking at the highlights, Pitto stood out to me. A couple of big, strong pack marks, some good tap work, and some real system in the way we moved the ball from the middle. Just what we need.
Lemmey didn't appear to be a lot worth mentioning, but he took a couple of decent marks and his kicking is easy. Maybe a couple of forwards in the seniors need to look at his action?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 1 2023 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Richmond
Robbo thoughts

Stephen Silvagni’s principles

Everyone always wants a nice red bow tied around everything, but not this time Blues. The Carlton great was chastised for not being in a photograph with his son Jack and the family in the rooms, and instead chose to sit in his car. Well played, SOS. The irony of the Blues inviting SOS to celebrate with Jack and his brothers, when SOS was, in part, ingloriously punted by the club because his sons were on the list, can’t be ignored. Please, it was to be in a photo and we’re sure SOS would have thousands of photos of the family, and probably took a couple on the night anyhow. Clubs can’t throw people out with the trash and then expect them to come waltzing back in when they are invited to sit at the dining table. As someone famous said, if you don’t have principles, what have you got?
Exactly the question for Flubbo should answer of himself. If he has any principles, they are unclear to me.
As for his opinion on SOS, I'm sorry, but that just isn't an accurate portrayal of what was going on.
Robert Heatley Stand / Jim Park Analysis 2023
I'll probably have to leave the Voting thread open until next weekend, as I doubt I'll be able to do anything to it with another midweek game. But get voting! The more the merrier!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Jim Park Voting 2023 AFL Rd 1 Carlton vs Richmond
Rd 1:   Carlton vs Richmond
Rating:      B
We played better and out-scored our opponents for 3 of the 4 quarters. We led for most of the night. We played a very defensive game, pretty well for most of the night.
We have a LOT to improve, but we were better for longer.

[3]   Lewis Young
[2]   George Hewett
[2]   Harry McKay
[1]   Patrick Cripps
[1]   Sam Docherty
[1]   Jacob Weitering
[1]   Adam Saad
[1]   Nick Newman
[1]   Mitch McGovern
[0.5]   Tom de Koning
[0.5]   Charlie Curnow
[0.5]   Ed Curnow
[0.5]   Adam Cerra

[3]   Lewis Young:      Totally dominated his opponent. Young was really strong in the air and showed great maturity.
[2]   George Hewett:   Brilliant early, and while he fell out of the game somewhat after half time, he was still our most effective midfielder on the night.
[2]   Harry McKay:      H took 10 marks and was the best forward on the ground. Richmond had nothing that could go with him. Pity about his kicking, and dropping that last mark. That would have been the thing that won us the game.
[1]   Patrick Cripps:      Cripps struggled somewhat early, as we got thrashed in the ruck. However, when the heat was on, Cripps lifted and really made a difference. 6 tackles to go with 25 possessions and 7 clearances.
[1]   Sam Docherty:   25 possessions for Doc and the goal that really made the difference.
[1]   Jacob Weitering:   Beat Lynch on the night and took 11 marks on him.
[1]   Adam Saad:      The run he provides is excellent, but he tried just a little too hard at times to do it himself.
[1]   Nick Newman:      An excellent job on Martin, especially in the air.
[1]   Mitch McGovern:   2.5 really good quarters, his last 15 minutes were almost disastrous. His marking was excellent in defence.
[0.5]   Tom de Koning:   Gave his all in the ruck, although beaten. However, it was his marking and his athleticism that impressed.
[0.5]   Charlie Curnow:   There were times on Thursday when Charlie was very poor, particularly when it comes to chasing and tacking. But then an opportunity to score comes along and bam! Could have got at least 20 frees if the Umps had looked at his direction.
[0.5]   Ed Curnow:      Pretty quiet early, with one memorably poor kick. But when the heat was on, he moved into the midfield and really made a difference.
[0.5]   Adam Cerra:      Not a bad game from Cerra, but he didn’t stand out like he can do. But then, we didn’t get the ball put in our direction. Will be better next week.

Honourable Mentions:
Oliver Hollands:   Probably was the better of our 2 youngsters, he didn’t look out of place.
Matthew Kennedy:   Like all of our mid, he suffered because we didn’t get first hand on the ball. However, he was a consistent performer on the night and worked hard to stem the influence of the Richmond mids.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL Practice Match - Carlton vs Richmond
This is the squad as published on Thursday:
1. Zavier Maher, 2. Paddy Dow, 4. Lochie O’Brien, 7. Luke Parks, 8. Ben Crocker, 11. Tyreece Leiu, 14. Liam McMahon, 16. Jack Carroll, 17. Brodie Kemp, 18. Mitch Moschetti, 19. Ned Cahill, 20. Lachie Plowman, 26. Patrick Dozzi, 27. Marc Pittonet, 28. Aidan Mills, 30. Michael Lewis, 31. Harry Lemmey, 32. Jaxon Binns, 34. Heath Ramshaw, 36. Josh Honey, 38. Sam Durdin, 39. Hudson O’Keeffe, 40. Alex Cincotta, 41. Dom Akuei, 44. Jack Lefroy, 45. Alex Mirkov, 46. Archie Stevens

Of the ones named Honey didn't play: he was an emergency for Thursday's game.
Lochie O'Brien, as we know, was the injury sub.
There was almost certainly a couple of others who probably played.

I've read elsewhere that Plowman did not impress.
Pittonet, on the other hand, seems to have played very well, especially after half time.
Not a lot mentioned about the others, except that Dom Akuei took a couple of really big marks.