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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: It's now or never!
Just have to be smart about our recruiting.
Newman, Doc, Williams have at least another 2-3 years in them despite their age. You can play into your mid 30s these days if been keeping well and in form. Hawkins, Pendelbury, Boak, Taylor Walker etc etc - players can play for longer than 10-15 years ago imo.

Jack Reiwoldt played good footy until he was 34 years old. Our top enders have plenty left in them their raw talent will keep their form up.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 13 2024 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Essendon
I'm okay with the selections. But Durdin has done sfa other than 1 second cameos. No problem in him having a game but not in front of someone like Motlop. In front of Fantasia yeah you could do that. Fogarty, Williams and Owies is a nice mix of determination, hardness and experience as small forwards.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 12 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Port Adelaide
Cerra, Cotterell, Motlop, Doc and JSOS make us a better team so plenty more upside to come.

The rest have been getting paid while not doing anything. But provide some hope that one day they might come good even though some are turning or about to turn 30 next couple of seasons.

Fantasia hasn't been kicking goals and doesn't need to be good but Zac isn't even a forward and plays the role much better.