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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: The backline 2024
I think Boyd will play vs Brisbane after his good game on Bailey.
Young has to play FB, Daniher is too tall for our other defenders.

There is a lot of hope from supporters about young returning to the line-up, especially since weiters is down. With all the positive vibes from the club, I dint think I've read anything positive about young...we might need to temper out expectations of him.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The EV thread
Here is a bloke trying to understand what is going on in the UK / EU market.
The interesting thing in this video was the discussion about battery degradation, I notice that degradation is worse in hot environments and by hot they mean regions that can have more than 5 consecutive days above 27°C! :o

I realise this guy is often talking a lot about high end cars, but cheaper models won't be generally be better. However, his figures would be ultra-relevant to 4WD EV.

Ultimately, he seems to mirror my thoughts on the matter.

What we've got is not good enough. We are rushing into things without any real direction or understanding of it other than the effect of 'green washing'.

Costs plummetting once you drive it off the lot.
Efficiency falling off a cliff simply by the location you are driving and the charging style you use.

So turning what he is saying into how Australia uses these things.....
1. We are a big country, so any long trip would require plenty of charging. Unless you wanna stay in a spot for hours, you will use the fast charge option....which will ruin your battery the more you use it. If you wanna go to sydney, an 8 hour drive could turn into a weekend drive so you can protect your battery.....which is not feasible.
2. We are a hell of a lot hotter here than UK or scandanavia (wherever Bjorn was from i cannot recall) so we automatically get more degredation even if we slow charge our vehicles.
3. Even if we somehow manage to avoid parts 1 and 2 above, we are throwing money away simply by the depreciation these vehicles have and the almost non-existent 2nd hand market and overall life these vehicles have.

.......and all for a 7% reduction in CO2 emmissions, IF everyone has one and IF all the power consumed is renewable to begin with......which it really isn't even close.

So maybe its time to stop, take stock and focus on something else (hello hydrogen) which eliminates every one of the above problems and is better for the environment than these cars to begin with.

One thing i thought about which i don't think has been mentioned anywhere in this debate is Lithium......and the flow on effects of that.
Ultimately, Lithium is a finite resource. It will run out. Supply and demand ensures the price will skyrocket.
The more lithium we use in cars, the less we have for other batteries. Anything rechargable these days basically has lithium in it. Phones, AA/AAA batteries, cordless power tools and cordless outdoor power equipment, battery walls.
The cost of all of that will go up the rarer lithium becomes.

Maybe that won't happen for 200 years, or 20 years, maybe it happens in 2 years time.....don't know, but it will happen.
Why not ditch the excessive amount of batteries in these poor perfoming EVs for things that we don't have a better alternative for?

What happens when we run out of lithium. We have to redesign half our electronic equipment to alternatives.....that may be worse off and less efficient?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: The forward line 2024 - who plays and how is it structured?
The problem with that structure is that the opposition's third tall defender, say Lever, Stewart, Howe, etc, will lack an opponent in marking contests and will be able to help try to nullify McKay and Curnow as well as taking intercept marks.  A lot will rely on Martin and Cottrell keeping the third tall defender honest in the air and exploiting them when the ball comes to ground.

I am of the opinion that 2 rucks are overkill, but we have no backup options, so for where we are in terms of list i can accept 2 rucks as required.

So, with that in mind, we need to use them effectively.
As a result, i would like to think that our 2nd/resting ruck, will play deep and force a tall opponent to stand him. TDK, is the obvious one, but even Pittonet needs to be down there and make them accountable. It will allow Harry to play CHF and allow Charlie to go wherever the hell he wants, depending on who is left standing him. If its a tall, run up to the wings. If its a smaller running player, play deep also and get it kicked on your head.

The only way we can make a 3rd tall accountable, is to play a 3rd tall in a position that will hurt the opposition and make them take notice.
Kennedy will do well as the 3rd tall in terms of output.
TDK/Pittonet will do well in terms of keeping the defenders honest.

I suspect it will change around depending on our opponents.

Ideally, i'd be working towards a team that has 1 ruck and 1 ruck only, whoever that is.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: The forward line 2024 - who plays and how is it structured?
I reckon the closest thing we have to replace Jack Silvagni and his style as a forward is actually Patty Cripps, but he'll be used in the midfield.

So next best is the poor mans Patty Cripps - Matt Kennedy. He is kinda getting squeezed out of the midfield, so needs another string to his bow, and that is as a forward. He's played there as a junior. He played there before. He kicked 3 goals on debut. He is a good mark, obviously good once the ball hits the deck and doesn't mind contact. He'd be 'my guy' to take over from Jack.

Of course the added benefit is he could swap with Cripps in the middle if/when required as well.

For mine....
HF - Martin - Charlie - Owies
FF - Motlop - McKay - Kennedy

I'd have both Cottrell and Cuningham on the bench as forward/mid options.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The EV thread

So all the cars that are popular, that are required as fleet vehicles (Rangers, hilux, everest, prado etc) are the issue. But there is no alternative for any of them right now to buy. So who cops it in the neck? The people that need them. While the car manufacturers collect.

So what will they do?
Push out an alternative that isn't thought through, has plenty of issues, not least of which will be the 'fuel' type used and the problems that occur with it. Be that BEV and the extra pressure that adds on the grid or Hydrogen cars which you can't refuel anywhere yet.

We are trying to run before we walk.
Come up with a step by step plan to phase out ICE vehicles, and go from there.
Don't curse them and then be left scrambling for an alternative.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Just to back up slightly Krudds, look up the world solar challenge:

It’s been held every few years since the early ‘90s.
Solar powered cars start in Darwin and “race” to Adelaide, with the winners usually sitting on the speed limit most of the way for 3000km.
What originally started as freaky solar panels with wheels has become almost mainstream looking vehicles, so what you are proposing IS doable but probably not very practical with “a couple of kings panels and an old battery from the shed”

I remember that stuff from the 90s and i'd hardly call them cars. From memory they are very much lightweight cocoons wrapped in solar panel. For aerodynamics and weight saving, they usually were 'piloted' by kids laying flat.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Id like to see some more of his videos to get a better understanding of how serious he is with that as it appears to be one big piss take to me.

But he'd do a lot better if he turned his car around 90 degrees to face the sun rather than be side on to it.

...but at least it's somewhat plausible.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
If you have a 12v / 240v inverter, you can use a 12v source like a lead acid battery to charge your EV enough to get it to a charge station. You could use jumper cables to run an inverter off the idling petrol or diesel vehicle, and the outback charge stations are often just diesel generators which have an integrated 240v inverter, coin or credit card operated of course, and which of course completely invalidates the carbon neutral use of an EV.

Just curious, because i have a foldable 200W solar panel which i use to top up my 2nd (and 3rd) batteries while i am camping. 1 is lithium.
My 2nd battery is hooked up to the car and charges while i drive and cuts off if it gets too low. It lives permananetly in my canopy.
The 3rd battery is encased in a cheap battery box that i pull out of the canopy and sit next to my camping fridge for days on end. Powers lights and my phone.
I've also got a Milwaukee charger that comes with a 12v cig socket that can charge up my tool batteries....which i use for lights, chainsaws, radio, whatever.

With that setup, even if overcast or raining, i can pretty much be self sustaining long as i need to be. Recently i set up the solar panel underneath our gazebo (in the shade, while it was raining) and it was still getting enough sun to charge my battery.

I also have a 1500W invertor i can use to get 240v plugs if required.

So...if i can live outdoors with that setup, surely it could help me charge a car. Not sure what type of current draw they take, or how much power storage is typically on board, but to me it seems like a half decent alternative to hooking up to the grid.
Obviously, you could get bigger outdoor solar panels pretty easily to beef up the system as well. They are relatively cheap.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Curious, Could you pull out your camping solar panels cells and charge you EV, or charge a spare battery and use that to charge your EV?
Wouldn't be able to provide the same amount of oomph as your wall sockets for sure, but could get you out of trouble?
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Lights flickered for me, but power stayed on.
Only thing that happened was a little white plastic chair was blown over.

Some co-workers were not so lucky.
3 of them have lost power in their houses.

One doesn't have power but is setup to cope without it.

One had to go buy a generator last night, but is otherwise ok.

Another one is pretty screwed.
He has no hot water because its electric.
He has no water at all because his property has water pumps.....which are electric.
He is also has a septic tank which has backed up because pumps stopped working because its electric.
On top of that, he couldn't get to his car as it was locked in the garage, and the only access from the outside was through the remote. Had to climb up on his roof, take roof tiles off just to release the garage door, just so he could get his car out.
Poor bugger.

I was out and about yesterday and saw a plaster deliver truck lose about 4 sheets off the back of it while they were unloading, when flying down the street and into some cars. Nobody was hurt.

Pretty wild for a while there.
The Sports Desk / Re: Formula 1
It seems the full story is not as cut and dry as the media make out, why am I not surprised!

The hard left fascist media feminists want to paint the bloke as a misogynist multi-millionaire who steps on people for a living.

The reality is he sits at the top of a brutal sport, you can't just be good to survive, you have to be the best of the best.

It seems behind the scenes, and well before the complaints were made, issues had been raised about the performance of the complainant. In effect for being warned to pull up their socks and keep to their boundaries instead of lifting their game they responded with assertions of bullying. This is a modern phenomena, something quite foreign to people over 40, but at epidemic levels in the 20 to 30 age group.

I've heard 2 versions, with the above being the most common.

The other is unsolicited 'pics' sent from Horners phone.

I'm not sure if the latter version is part of a smear campaign from her side, or even a rivals side (or rival fan), but if it is the option listed above, then we should expect a lot more of this in the future from the 'woke' generation.
The Sports Desk / Re: Formula 1
The bloke earned $15+million a year, is the best in the world at what he does, is married to a spice girl and gets to travel the world watching the fastest cars in the world go round from the best seat in the house every 2nd weekend.

I think he's got.every right to be arrogant.
The Sports Desk / Re: Enhanced Sports.
Plenty of people have suggested in the past that 'the war on drugs' in sport is a losing battle. There will always be someone ahead of the game. Look at AOD xxxx that the bombers admitted to taking, wasn't listed on a banned or approved list because it was too new and hadn't been tested, so was on the S0 - banned until tested list.

So......why bother fighting it at all? Just have everything allowed all of the time. If people want to ruin their lives by injecting steroids and what not, let them.

The 'clean' sides of things is subjective anyway.
This peptide is ok.
This peptide is not.
This peptide used to be ok, but now its not. - I think it was Maria Sharapova that got done for something that she'd been taking for 10 years before it suddently became banned and she didn't realise.

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The EV thread
Whilst I agree that Government and carmakers don’t care about the environment, government at least has the role of setting the agenda.
It shouldn’t be backing horses as such but mandating emissions etc.
The market can then move where they want, this will bring innovation.

...and thats the barrow i was pushing before.

Put your foot down and make some big calls, and MAKE it happen.

I can't recall the specifics but there was some talk about Canberra supposedly banning new ICE vehicles from 2025 or some nonsense.
I don't know if that is still a thing, or what the end result of all that was, but im sure that they've bitten off more than they can chew if that is indeed a target they are chasing.

If the government offered some huge financial incentives to big business to set up new technology, manufacturing and infrastructure to fast track hydrogen vehicles for example, then you might have someone like Toyota want to take up that challenge.

If you sit on your hands and do nothing....then nothing happens.