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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Given the cats lost stewart and SDK is on one leg, its not a bad option to have extra talls to hurt them in the air.
Now hopefully the ground held up with the rain, and the extra talls don't hurt us with the ball being on the deck.

Also, we better not get another injury as it'll mean we can't sub out a tall!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Confused. Vossy talked of Pitto needing more game time fitness, yet small Durds, without any game time, comes straight in (which I am wrapped with, but...). I can only assume that leaving out Pitto is based on our best ruck combo being TDK & JSOS and this excludes Pitto (based on opposition rucks?).

Pitto didn't have much of a pre-season at all, so he'd be further behind fitness wise.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
On crutches with a back injury? Hell no!

This is different to the ligament replacement last year. As we found out, as soon as it was inserted, his ankle was good to go, at least after the swelling caused by the keyhole surgery abated. No such luck with back injuries. Leave him be until he’s fully over it and then wait another week or 2 to make sure he won’t have a relapse.
If there was a 'crutch' equivalent to a back injury i would've used it. There wasn't a realistic equivalent.

Even if you rest him for the rest of the year (like we'd done with Gov and Durdin) it doesn't mean your back will come good or not.
Walsh has a history of being a good, quick healer and an excellent preperation. If he is 90% right, he'd be better value to us than Dow at 100%.
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW - Contracted or uncontracted?
It seems that other clubs have gone pretty hard at our girls but we have retained 22 players from last season (possibly 23 depending on Elise O'Dea).  Three players were delisted, and we've lost four players to other clubs.  That's not good but I don't think that's as bad as it could have been.

With Cordner, Read, Finn and Fitzpatrick joining, we can add 3 or 4 delisted free agents or mature recruits in the supplementary draft.
Hopefully, there will be some talent available.

All we need now is a coach  ::)

Of the 15 most recent signings (all announced at once) I had 7 of them already had contracts. Add in Kez and Moods who did the same and thats 9 're-signings' that were announced that were already contracted.

Look at who we lost - McEvoy, Walker, Plane and Gibbs
and the players we got - Cornder, Read and the 2 rookie irish lasses Finn and Fitzpatrick
and its clear we are worse off talent wise.....and we weren't coming from a strong base last year.

Hopefully there is a bumper crop of draftees coming through!
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW - Contracted or uncontracted?
And that is a genuine contract extension  :)

It is, kinda.

Darcy wasn't contracted, so signing on is good, not exactly an extension.

It says signing for 2 years, but the background text on the pick just says 2023 season. Which is the same as Moods and Kez. For hill it said 2024 season.

So i'm not sure what is going on there, but am skeptical given the other little white lies the club has been telling.
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW - Contracted or uncontracted?
I didn't mention it, but the treatment of Taylah Harris may have also caused some grief too.  You would have to have a chat with each of the girls individually but losing the hosking twins was eye opening when it occurred.  Theyre the sort of teamates you want.  Solid but unspectacular team players.  Some of those players are the glue holding things together.
Tayla Harris caused friction herself when she put herself above the team.
Yes, it may have pissed some off with how she was treated, but it would've won some friends as well.

Yes, there are cliques in the club. There are in every team.
If anything you see the cliques moving (hoskings, velcro).
Darcy was able to get former teammates recruited to the club with Odea and Dal Pos.
Kez managed to get Jess Good across from basketball after years of trying.
Does that explain players leaving? I don't think so.

Did peoples stance on covid make people leave? Possible, but far from #1 reason imo.
By our own admissions, the club has not put enough time, effort and energy into the AFLW program. That makes me think the problems are much bigger than one (or more) persons stance on covid....and a strong club could certainly put out that fire if/when it arose.