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Keeping it civil in the difficult times

Often when things aren't travelling well we start to get a bit of irritation between posters.

We're a pretty varied group, with varied opinions about our circumstances and progress, and conflicts arise from time to time, but try to keep them to a minimum...especially with the personal stuff.
Argue the opinions but avoid the 'put downs'
I've found if you belittle other posters for a different opinion it doesn't reflect on's yourself that comes across as arrogant and inflexible....and in some cases ignorant.
Football has never been a predictable game and is constantly changing.
Things that are relevant today may be totally irrelevant in a years time with changes to rules or the way the game develops.
Even personal views and opinions of aspects of the clubs past (or future) sometimes change over time with additional information or comparison.
For those that get offended if someone questions your opinion live by the old saying, which goes "Never let a mug upset you!" ;)

We don't want to be a nanny site.
We don't want to be editing, deleting cautioning and banning.
Time's too precious.
Life's too short
Differences of opinion enhance the site not diminish it...but argue in a respectful, and if you like vigorous manner....but play the post and not the poster.