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Re: State Elections

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Dictator Dan has won the election despite being despised by every single person on Earth, The Guardian.
Fake news, fake VEC, fake outcome, we all know it.

Only the truth is true!

You can read it in The Hun or hear it on Sky News.

Just ask Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Rita Panahi and Peta Credlin, thank them deeply for all the good work they have done they deserve a pay rise, without them the Coalition would hardly get a vote!  ;D
The Force Awakens!

Re: State Elections

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Personally, irrespective of how I have voted, I have taken to putting the greens last on the ballot in every election I vote for.  Even when I put Labor as 1.

Greens are at the latter end of my voting papers too, they don't have any other  policies other than environmental variety.