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How active are you on these forums? How often do you post?

Extremely active - I'm a regular who read the site most days and post about as much
Very active - I read and post, maybe once a week
Somewhat active - I read daily, but almost never post
Not-so-active - i read weekly, but almost never post
Barely active - I come on less than weekly, but almost never post
Basically inactive - I can go for months without coming on - or posting.
Other - please post your reason if you feel you are not represented above.
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Re: Hello? Can you read this?? PLEASE VOTE IN OUR SITE POLL.

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Been a while, so just seeing if there are anymore members who haven't voted above.


Re: Hello? Can you read this?? PLEASE VOTE IN OUR SITE POLL.

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The start of the football has seen a few familiar faces return to the forum.
So we'll bump this up again to get their input.

The other thing is a facebook page has been set up with a couple of aims.
1) To provide information and continuity during times when the gremlins get into the main site and cause us a bit of grief.
2) To widen exposure and act as conduit to the main forum. The hope is folks will migrate through the facebook page to more in depth discussion on the forum.

You can see it here

If anyone has other suggestions for broadening our membership feel free to toss up the ideas.

Lastly and most importantly....our long term viability is by no means guaranteed.
If folks could just go back to the first couple of pages of this thread....we have an ongoing problem with site maintenance and upkeep.
At the moment the problems seem to be spaced out but the reality is they are likely to  become more common.
We really need to address this issue.