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New members

Welcome to our new members and long time lurkers 😀
Please say hi and tell us a little about yourselves.

How long have you been a bluebagger ?
Who is your favorite all time player ?
What do you see as Carlton’s biggest challenge in the next two years ?

If you click on the forum tab you’ll see areas where you can discuss drafting, coaching, match selection, past players and more.

Let’s go BIG !

Re: New members

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Well, not getting much love for this post, so I figured I'd give you some.

I might hold the record for the oldest member to have never posted. My account shows this will be my tenth year, but I feel it's been longer - I may have changed profile name over the years.

I know you guys have been having discussions in other threads as to why some may not post. I figure that more often than not, my thoughts have often already been reflected by the super-active members so I've not bothered. But I've enjoyed this forum for the most part as it got me through the really tough times of Dark Lords and other Voldemorts whom shall not be named.

I'm old enough to still have that Bluebagger arrogance of knowing that we will win when we play at Princes Park, have more than half a chance in any other game and will play finals every second year. Clearly, the past 20 have been tough (as they have been for all).

So to answer the three questions?

1. Forever
2. I've always worn the #11 in all sporting endeavours, footy, basketball, motorcycle racing - thanks Flying Doormat
3. Maintaining the squad with salary cap pressures - TDK will be a problem soon enough.

Re: New members

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Very aptly chosen username three votes 😀

You’re certainly not alone in feeling that your thoughts have already been expressed, but often your perspective will differ/enhance/and sometimes clash with others views, which actually adds depth to the discussion at hand.

I’ve been here in CSC’s various guises since around 2000 or so, I can’t actually remember 🙄 active at times, reading and lurking at others but always actively reading.
I was amazed to see recently I clocked 2000 posts on this iteration of CSC, I think there’s been a few in that time who post that many in their first week ! 🤣
So don’t be disheartened, keep reading and enjoying and jump in every now and again, I think we are going to have a lot of good things to discuss this year.

Let’s go BIG !

Re: New members

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Good Post 3V.
Thanks for that.
Sometimes we're a bit hesitant to make that first post but the forum thrives and only really exists on the interaction.
Let's have more of it. ;)

Re: New members

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If you find someone has already said what you wanted to say in an existing thread, start a new thread and say something nobody is discussing yet. 😉

Re: New members

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There are 430 guests currently online, they can't all be Bots so how can they be brought in to the fold ??

"The Other Teams Can Rot In Hell"

Re: New members

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Very aptly chosen username three votes 😀

The name actually goes back to a time when Big Red Lance got three votes in a Kangawannabees game and my Nth Melb supporting mates never let me forget it.

He deserved every one of those votes.

Re: New members

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Loved Lance, if he was born in his fathers era he’d have been a legend of the comp instead of “just” a smart footballer.
Let’s go BIG !

Re: New members

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There are 430 guests currently online, they can't all be Bots so how can they be brought in to the fold ??

Yes. not all 430 guests will be bots … probably only 425 🙄

Edit:  After looking up IPNs, it’s pretty obvious that they’re all bots 😕
“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”  Oddball

Re: New members

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How long have I been a supporter? I was talked in to it as a kid. I have a large family where my mother is one of six siblings. She also goes for Carlton and several others did too. It was during the 1990s. The good times before the dark storms of this century and milennium. Fortunately they're going away.
All-time favourite player? Craig Bradley. 21 has been a mighty number for this great club.
Issues in the next two years? I see a flag window, but for how long? Tightness in the salary cap as well. Depth, a great thing, at long last. Who is in and who is out?

Re: New members

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Welcome @Sub-Zero

Have you been a mamber here before? How did you find us?