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Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 In Game Angst Carlton vs Geelong

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Imagine the media if lose this.  We will be a laughing stock.
When Saad turned it over and they scored from it and then when they came hard in the last and they were lining up to potentially make it 2 pts I think, I turned to my daughter and said "if they score this, I'm leaving, I can't watch this".
Instead they held on and I broke the curse, I saw a proper win live after Fark knows how many years.
2017 - 16th
2018 - Wooden Spoon
2019 - 16th
2020 - dare to dream? 11th is better than last I suppose
2021 - Pi$$ or get off the pot
2022 - Real Deal or more of the same? 0.6%
2023 - "Raise the Standard" - M. Voss Another year wasted
2024 - Back to the drawing board