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Code of Conduct

Below is the revised Code of Conduct for the site.
Members should make themselves familiar with expectations and post accordingly.

Code of Conduct
Communicating on message boards is different from face-to-face communication. Only the words are seen, not your facial expressions or the tone of your voice. Please pay careful attention to how you use your words.

Remember that the words you enter in a burst of passion or indignant anger will be there for you and everyone else to see, usually long after those intense feelings have passed. That's not meant to discourage spontaneity, but just a friendly reminder of the long-term existence and effects of what you post.

You may, from time to time, find yourself in disagreement with someone else's opinion. At times like these, please keep in mind it's safer and more polite to take issue with the comments rather than the person.

By using the Carlton Supporters Club, you agree that you will not post any of the following material on any of the forums :

-Any communication that is intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to a fellow member.

-Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images.

-Any communication that contains spam (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas).

-Material which defames, abuses or threatens others.

-Material that advocates or promotes the excessive use of alcohol, or drugs.

-Statements that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.

-Statements that are blatantly homophobic.

-Material that threatens, suggests or promotes violence as a solution to a problem or issue

- Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.

-Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation.

Statements or postings that violate the above terms will be deleted from postings upon discovery. All violations will be reported and the offender will face a tribunal hearing. When a member is found guilty of an offence, the following penalties will apply :

1st Offence - 1 week suspension
2nd Offence - 2 weeks suspension
3rd Offence - banned completely

There will be no deviating from these rules, three strikes and you're out !!

However, in extreme cases no matter what number offence it is, the offender will be banned immediately.

Special note on Trolling

With any football forum there is always a level of deliberate trolling by opposition supporters. This can take many forms. It can be of a subtle nature where the offender promotes an image of a strong Carlton supporter who may just be disillusioned with the direction a club is taking, or the performance of an administrator, coach or player. It can also be of a deliberate nature where there is no doubt a poster is just trying to inflame true supporters.  All forms of trolling become pretty evident over times and these posters are either banned or subject to extra scrutiny. There is a third form of trolling where a genuine supporter may be unhappy with site direction or general discussion (e.g our coaching history) and will attempt to disrupt site operations with  inappropriate posts, or spamming multiple threads with repetitive posts on the same theme. The response to all attempts at trolling will be deletion of the posts when reported or discovered. Banning  of offenders will be at the discretion of the administrators and moderators and may occur without warning or explanation.

•  The Basics
So as to ensure everyone knows what we are about here, we have to set some minor ground rules for all to follow. They are not here to make everyone's life difficult, moreover to make sure the site works smoothly & is thoroughly enjoyable to contributors of all ages.

1. To contribute to this site you must be a registered member.

2. All members are strongly encouraged to have an avatar, if you do not know how to get one contact a moderator or post a question in the Notice board section of the site.

3. Whilst we are certainly against censorship, we must stress that things like blatant homophobia & racism will not be tolerated at all. Also, we ask that rampant slanging matches be kept outside of this arena too. Anyone found guilty of breaching this specific rule will be reported and will face a tribunal hearing where a suitable penalty will be determined.

4. If you find that your thread is not where you originally posted it do not assume it has been deleted. Please look in one of the neighboring forums as it may have been moved there by a moderator. It is not uncommon for people to post something on a forum which is not entirely correct for that particular topic. This will only be done to maintain some some semblance order.

5. Excessive swearing is frowned upon and the built-in profanity filter will prevent it from appearing. As this site will certainly be available to younger members, we ask that everyone try and set a correct example in this area. Members cited for abuses of the 'Code of Conduct' can face lengthy suspensions.

6. Underneath the title of each forum is a brief description which is designed to help members understand exactly what the purpose of the forum is & to help alleviate any confusion.

7. If a member considers the behaviour of another member completely unacceptable, they can contact the administrator via the 'Notice Board' to make them aware of it. If this behaviour is deemed to be completely out of order, the offending member will face the tribunal on a 'Code of Conduct' violation and will be subjected to a suspension or potentially being banned entirely. However, all members are encouraged to sort out their own squabbles and anyone making false accusations will be dealt with in the same manner as the one who has supposedly breached the conduct code.

8 Note on posting articles from newspapers -quoting a sentence or a single paragraph with a URL or other reference is acceptable but quoting an entire article is not permitted.

9. Members are requested to keep their sense of humour with them at all times. Jocularity & mirth are thoroughly encouraged and will certainly be acknowledged accordingly.