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Re: merged topics

Reply #15 can ask different questions, but sometimes the answers are the same. Hence, end up discussing the same things in different threads.

That's true
The answers are the same in some peoples opinions.... but we need to consider different points of view.
Some people might have different answers.

For some the board may be behind players wanting to leave
For others it might be a fractured playing group

Where they want to go, and how they get there and what we get for them is a different topic.

You know as well as I do that threads go where they want to go.
The strong survive, the weak ones don't and die.

It may be worth merging this one and the fire sale....but lets give it more than a day or two.

If no-one wants to discuss it then it will die.
But lets not bog it down on a discussion of logistics or I'll have to split it. :D

Re: On Topic/ Merged topics

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Just moved the discussion in here from the Exodus thread.

Re: merged topics

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please delete

Re: merged topics

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caught up in split

Re: On Topic/ Merged topics

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Just stop Sheik from starting threads.  Problem Solved.  :P