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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Bit sad for NZ, they took such a massive social and fiscal hit going for eradication, and it seems it has failed.

Not sure it has failed just yet. 

They had 4 instances of community transmission and have instigated a 3 day lock down.

I think this a reasonably conservative reaction to a small but unexpected infection.  Not an over-reaction.  And certainly not the under-reaction that is playing out across many jurisdictions.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: 2018 Fixture
I still see 4 friday nights as a non genuine argument considering one of them is in round 23

Just to make sure ppl don’t go off and lose any bets, we do have 4 Friday’s before Round 23:

Carlton Friday night games:

Round 3 - Carl vs filth
Round 6 - dogs vs Carl
Round 11 - swans vs Carl
Round 17 - saints vs Carl

Round 23 still TBA.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Rd 12: Post Game Passion: Carlton vs GWS
Both true enough statements.

Statistically speaking, this stat might be game high for our team, but like all stats, if high for the competition is 30, then 22 is reasonable for a young player.  If 15 is high for the competition, then 22 becomes impressive.

The effect it has on team mates, is difficult to measure, but it would be appreciated and that's all that matters there.

The pessimist in me reminds me that our club is looking for as many small wins as it can get, so highlighting stuff like this for a youngster is important as a small win in case we dont get the big win, so the fact we won by a point is important to note in this regard.

Record high is 49 in a game. 

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: R6 - Blues vs Eagles (post match party)
Love an ugly win, especially at our uncertain stage.

I expect more of Thomas, mostly earlier.   Unacceptable turnovers, but his one percenters at the end provide some leeway.

If DT eventually clicks, Rowe, Everitt and White stand up (again), and the rest of em play to their potential... we
will go alright. Almost there tonight.   White grew a third leg.

This Docherty bloke would be a good inclusion.

Robbo clanger in the last mins was ugly.  Played a good game, but butchered when it counts. 
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: MCG Open Day today
Thanks for the tip Woody.

Took the kids in for a few hours, to walk the turf (dodging footies like the old days) and look around in some of the places we are usually excluded from!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: RD 22 : Blues Choke Against Injectors (Anti-Losing Rage)
People are posting like they are surprised at the outcome?

Not surprised.  It was extremely predictable. 

The new element tonight, for me at least, was the end of outrageous optimism. 

The final recognition of the mental weakness.

I always *knew* that the boys had some level of desire, heart, mongrel, and it was just a matter of time until they would show the fire in the belly and our seemingly mediocre team would show us what they are *actually* made off.

Richmond win was yet another false dawn.

Can't lose to CheatsFC at this time in history.  I now turn the corner from naively optimistic to absolutely pessimistic, which given our list is completely disgraceful.

My stupid naive optimism is now at an end.

Music for Carlton supporters:
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: Everyone Has To Register First
Scroller is back, thanks Spanner

Raydan, any chance we can keep away from he scroller and keep the posts the way they were originally? Actually easier to find the popular posts that way.

yeah, +1

liked the old scroller on vintage CSC.
this new one is no good.

- too slow.
- can we get rid of avatars in the recent feed?
- it starts empty, takes too long to see what's up.

don't mean to criticise, love the work in general.

Thanks to the team.