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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: How good is the Science in Science Fiction films?
Realism vs entertainment.

The thing is, the accuracy of the  science isn't important because as our ability to do things evolves things might be seemingly impossible but by that same token they could happen.

I rate a movie on its watchable factor.  If I'm unable to tear myself away then thats the important part.

Regarding the Arnie total recall thing, I haven't seen it since high school but my memory tells me that the film ends with you not knowing if it was a real experience or a story adventure entertainment that he had purchased.  Never watched the second.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour

Its elliciting the exact opposite reaction.  This could be revolutionary.  I see it amongst the comments of my relatives.

I keep telling people this but they dont seem to want to hear it.

Also, the Greek government has historically been extremely relaxed regarding implementing fines and penalties but that is a very side argument to this. 
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
It makes a mockery of ostracising people from society who didnt get vaccinated, and I think thats the important part of MBB's post.

Personally this predates covid, but the insistence to save the ignorant from themelves these days is antithesis to natural  selection at work.

Whilst many wont agree with that, it is what it is.  Thats not to say dont make people take some precautions, but if you give them every chance to do the right thing, and they dont, then its literally their funeral.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Does anyone happen to have a theory on why the latest variant of concern seems to have skipped over two of the Greek letters in the alphabet?

After Lambda, its Mu, Nu, Xi then Omicron, but they seem to have danced over two letters.

Popular opinion is because Xi (pronounced by the anglicized version sounding more like Gi phonetically) is because its remarkably similar sounding to the Chinese leaders name (Ji Jing Ping).

The stupidity in it, is thats actually pronounced Ksi, and sounds more like an X sound, so dont know why they would skip it, and why they bastardise the pronounciation of the Greek alphabet so much (Mu, is more of a Mi sound).
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Do you really believe that if a further vaccine shot is required the removal of mandates will result in fewer people skipping their jab than if mandates are retained?  If so, where is the proof either in Australia or worldwide?

I believe that when you make someone do something, anything that they are not sure about, their first inclination is to say, no.

I believe that these same people would suffer from FOMO, and that they would eventually roll up their sleeves and give in without a mandate because rightly or wrongly the virus is here to stay.

In essence, we drove a lot of people who would have gotten their vaccine away from making this decision, and simply recruited a bunch that got vaccinated reluctantly and as a future consequence, will likely end up with fewer protected when the time comes to roll up your sleeve again.

Unlike you, I do not believe that people who hold views different from mine are either arrogant or know better.

I entertain all ideas before I accept them.  Perhaps I am guilty of being ignorant to the large swathes of people out there, and that mandating was the best way to get it across the line, but I do know that a lot of the people who initially have rebelled are going to feel very vindicated if the vaccine doesn't do anything to curb the virus but now we have multiple issues to fight.

We now have a bunch of people who have no scope to earn an income, in a society that is largely vaccinated, facing the prospects of future mask wearing, and restrictions who are not going to do it.

The government will have a much larger group of people thumbing their noses at the rules, refusing to social distance, and will absolutely ditch the masks, and they will simply point to Omicron, the statistics, call everyone a bunch of sheeple for believing the government knows what its doing.

I stated this not long ago for a reason.  The quickest way to create an anti vaccer, is to mandate a vaccine.  To mandate a vaccine that has proven to be largely ineffective, is the quickest way to abuse the trust that those who had faith in you had.  That simpy means to larger alienation.

Remember the latest lockdown?  How tired of it everyone was, so they did as they pleased, and irrespective of what the scribes on here say, our journey with Delta is proving to be way more damaging, because of what we went through in 2020?

Those who are fail to learn the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.  Our control measures are simply going to be ignored moving forward, because everyone is completely over it, and has had enough of it all, and next mandate possibly wont go as successfully as a consequence, and the shame in it is that if our journey with COVID to date is indicative of the future, things are only going to get worse.

Oh, and for anyone not paying attention, Omicron is already on our shores in hotel quarantine, and one of those passengers has already visited victoria over the weekend according to my gossip.

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Yes, we should have let it rip until the most dangerous variant emerged - no lockdowns, no masks, no social distancing . Then when we were confident Covid could get no worse, we should have waited for the scientists to come up with a vaccine or treatment for it. That's best epidemiological practice right there. 

No just didn't need to ostracise everyone and force people who were hesitant into getting vaccinated of fear of being a social outcast.

Look at Liam Jones as an example.  Not even a pre season complete and its going to be irrelevant whether he got vaccinated or not but he's had to retire, leave us with a gaping hole in defense and he's missing out on 400k etdtimated at minimum.

No one has been victorious in that scenario.

Keep in mind im double vaxxed and im going for my booster Jan 6th.

Why?  I work in a hospital and my risk profile is different to average Joe.

The measures, fine.  The vaccines fine.  The vaccine mandate and draconian response?  Not fine.  No where near fine. A massive issue, and one that has guaranteed that if there is another vaccine required a bigger portion are going to skip it irrespective of vaccine mandates. 

The noise in the city is growing larger not smaller.

You guys are too arrogant thinking you know better.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Before the usual suspects chime in, have a think about the number of people who felt coerced into this vaccine and what they might think next time around.

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Pandemic Management bill. Health and well-being Act 2021.
What we better look up is the new strain coming out of Africa.  Puts so called climate change into the irrelevance it is as a global necessity.  Well Grandpa Xi?      

The Greeks or those that are familiar with the Greek language and Monty Python will understand this and giggle more than everyone else (this variant if it is decided to be new, will be call NU which sounds more like this).
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Pandemic Management bill. Health and well-being Act 2021.
Extremists in any endeavour or field are often a threat to society's wellbeing.  I think that you may be overly generous in stating that political extremists' actions are motivated by society's best interests.  I reckon self-interest, self-preservation, ideology and cronyism are probably more likely motivators.
No, I said what they think is in societies best interests.

Have another read Djc. 

You'll see my post is well thought out.  Types like lenin, stalin, pol pot, Hitler, mao, kim jong un, all act in their opinion of the greater good.  It doesn't make it right, but its a warning sign when the leader shuts down a building industry for two weeks as punishment to the few who protested against vaccine mandates.

That was in the public good right?  Even those builders who did the right thing, rolled their sleeves up and got jabbed.

You'll quickly see that its a slippery slope to despotism, and autocratic legislation is usually what takes you there (look at the pandemic bill again).
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
Just one more example of modern sports losing it a bit.

If his wife can stick with him through this, I can't see why this has cost a bloke his cricket career whilst ball tampering doesn't??
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Pandemic Management bill. Health and well-being Act 2021.
Yes this is true, but you'll find the idea that polar opposites can behave similarly and as badly as each other has a lot of opposition in mainstream culture.

Also, just because they behave in a similar fashion doesn't mean that the underlying beliefs are the same, but I suppose that can be very deeply debated.

Both extremes have a deep seeded belief that they are correct, know better, and are doing what they believe are in societies best interests using the same autocratic means.

The intention is quite irrelevant when you see it like that.  There are plenty of examples of socialism gone bad.

Star wars taught me a lot about this.  Balance in the force is required.  Too much of one just leads to a different set of people being discriminated against.

Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW 2022

yep, one of them preferred to instagram from the sidelines instead of training probably sounds like the most likely type.

Not surprising to see that this one might be "boxing on" (pardon the pun).

The others were our first ever draftee, and key to creating a team, and one fled to the enemy after spending a year out injured with a knee.

I know who my money is on, particularly if she decides to take a fall in the 3rd round....