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Brisbane 2032

Australia is hosting the Olympics in 2032.

(I'm sure the Chinese will do a good job...Just joking ;)  )
I wish I'd had a bet on it.
It was kind of like winning the gold medal at the Masters games because all the opposition in your age division are no longer 'kicking'.

There was a bit of excitement 'down by the river' last night ('only foolish people go, he said... 'down by the river') not a lot of social distancing and many not masked up.... but the level of excitement wasn't quite what it was at the Sydney announcement.
Even our delegation's leaps were only half hearted, and you could almost imagine  the Olympic officials thinking "sit down you dills, you've beaten no-one"

Big shout out to the Channel Nine presenters who made it all about themselves and talked all the way through the announcement with zero awareness....we had to hear it on delay.

2032....I may struggle to make it.
On a positive note my house price will go up.

....and on a serious note, well done on the bid and good luck to all the young athletes who will get to perform with the 'home ground' benefits.

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Very much a yawn for me @Lods .... and I suspect many in OZ.

And no talk of you not being around please. :)

Re: Brisbane 2032

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Albert Hammond, great song, more relevant today than ever