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The Sports Desk / Re: Jarryd Hayne
The AFL should bring a system like this in for rookies. Let clubs shuffle them around to cover early season long term injuries, etc., etc. Perhaps with a 1/4 to 1/3 season cut-off.

It would stop clubs having ruined seasons due to early injuries, and make the smaller lists far more manageable.
 I can't believe I predicted the mid-season draft, I must be a genius of Kruddler level!
The Sports Desk / Re: Melbourne Storm
Sporting clubs are an enigma.

About 11am today Storm reported Munster and Grant out for two weeks.

A couple of hours later at 1:30pm, they posted highlights of training with a picture of Grant in full flight!

Of course, the training session was yesterday, but you'd think the club marketing division would be switched on to the idea Grant was out for two weeks!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2021 Rd 8: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
I'm wrapped to see the improvement in Cuningham... especially as I believe I was one of his chief critics. The time spent by Luke Power with Cuningham, especially helping his defensive game and concentrating for 120 minutes has been worth its weight in gold - thus far. I hope he continues with his improvement as he really could be a very dangerous ingredient in our mid/forward combo.
Yes, 4 tackles, and not worthless half-hearted attempts, he actually stopped the opponents moment!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2021 Rd 8: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
Considering how many of our top players played crap/injured is good coaching that had us 27 points up?
Genius for 2.5 Qtrs, surrendering 27pts so crap there after, apparently only the crap teams do that! :o

@madbluboy‍ You won't win friends and influence people by highlighting such contradictions around here.

For example how the Bulldogs super team and coaching panel surrendered a 26pt lead the week before! 
Ladies Lounge / Re: Harris at Odds over Contract Talks
For the 7,342nd time, the money for Tayla would not be salary cap money, it would be ASAs.
It's money that Tayla's manager wants our club to pay, with very little Carlton specific benefit relative to other AFLW Tier 1 players.

So I maintain that the AFL or AFLW should be the ones paying for the Instagram social justice presence, not Carlton FC.

Is Mimi Hill or Abbe McKay not marketable commodities to Carlton, what does their manager think?

Like it or not, the earnings disparity will impact the list, if not immediately then eventually as it would in any football club.

Finally, as an ASA is this money Tayla gets regardless of game time, if so does she intend to give up boxing or at least postpone her boxing career until after she retires from AFLW? I wonder how the Tayla Harris demand compares to Erin Phillips remuneration?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Analysis: AFL 2021 Rd 8: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs
I think when comparing Gibbons 2021 to Gibbons 2020 or 2019 he has changed his game, is that Gibbons or coaching?

Statistically not much has changed, but perhaps the arrival of Betts and the increased presence of McKay subtracts a bit from Gibbons potential. Plus we now have Fisher concentrating on SFP and Fogarty, it must make a difference.

Perhaps opposition are now also making him more accountable, having his opponent push forward forcing Gibbons to spend more time defending. But that can be an MC issue as well, they must manage the balance of who defends versus who attacks.

I feel Gibbons needs to add a new dimension to his game, whether that is in and under, or marking, he needs to broaden his influence.