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Fawad Ahmed

Any of our guys seen Fawad Ahmed play as yet? I have only seen him once but he looked OK.

He can actually take a catch as well but his ground fielding isn't up to standard yet. Something to consider if they're serious about playing him in the Ashes.

Re: Fawad Ahmed

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We dont have a great fielding team IMO....plenty of slow movers, not many specialist slippers of note and you look at Watson, Khawaja etc running in the outfield and its cringe worthy stuff seeing them escort balls to the boundary.

Fawad will be useful in Australia IMO but it might be dangerous to play him in England if they got desperate and picked him..he isnt Warnie in terms of accuracy and bowls his share of rubbish the couple of times I have seen him.


Re: Fawad Ahmed

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He isn't afraid to loop them but I wonder how he'd go against Peitersen for instance.