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Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: CSC Facebook Page
Something that will help grow the visibility of the fb group is joining/following, even a simple like helps.
If you see a breaking story or something of interest you can share it to the group too.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 10 2023 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Collingwood
Krudds in the in game thread:

“ How many times is he actually targetting when we go forward.
How many times is ANYONE targetting besides Harry and Charlie when we go forward?

They said it early on...Moore was simply working out where we were going to go based on where Charlie and Harry were located.
All we did was kick it right where we were expected to go all game.

Maybe try something else for a change?”

How often did we “target” Charles or H ?

We desperately need options offered and accepted up forward to break that predictability
Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Re: CSC Facebook Page
Hi Guys, just an update on the fb group.

There’s been pretty limited interaction and even though some old csc posters are fb members they for their own reasons don’t seem to be contributing on fb or back here as yet.

I’ve decided to “pause” our fb group and restart another group.
This new group will have a “public” profile, which I’m hoping will increase our profile/search/viewability within the fb community.
I believe the main difference between the two group settings is that the public setting allows non group members to read comments and see who the author is… of course individual fb members can choose their own privacy levels should they wish.

CSC forum posters should remember that they can join and interact with the fb group without divulging their CSC Username and for that matter could create a fb profile with their CSC username to post in the csc fb group if that was their want… 😎

Just to clarify, the purpose of the fb group is to direct people back to the CSC Forum.
Comment within the fb group is welcome but the CSC forum allows greater depth imho.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Remaining Fixture 2023
They know we will turn up and tune in whenever our games are scheduled, it boosts their bottom line because they can move spud games to when people are desperate to watch something/anything.