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Robert Heatley Stand / Pick your best 22 - PART 2 - After the pre-season games
OK, well time to reevaluate.

We've seen most of the boys play a couple of pre-season games. Who is in your best 22 side now? Be very surprised if we end up with the same 22.

I've added Philp to the ineligible list and included Cincotta and O'Keefe as replacement players.

For the record, i'm aware there will be 23 players (22 plus a sub) but for traditions sake, we are sticking with a best 22.
Robert Heatley Stand / Pick your best 22.
Very early days, but lets see who is in your best 22.

Pick 22 from the above.

We'll see if everyone is on the same page.

As Zac Williams has done his ACL, he is out for the season, and out of the votes so don't include him in your votes.

Have at it.
The Sports Desk / NFL thread
Been very quiet of late on this topic. Wonder if its because the packers fans who litter this site have nothing to crow about this year?  >:D

Just a reminder, i'm a Vikings fan and just like Carlton, this team is trying to kill me with all these nailbiter games. Thankfully, thus far, we are coming out on every one.

Not sure how many people watched the Vikings vs Bills game a few weeks ago, but as a neutral supporter you would've loved it. More twists and turns than a Sydney street. Overtime win.

If that wasn't enough, Vikings vs Colts game on Saturday (Sunday morning here) tested the heart again.
After going in at half time down 33-0, playing at home no less, it appeared that the bubble had very much burst. The commentators when they were doing the 'around the grounds at half time' were mocking eachother about how poor the game was.

*Nek minnut*

Scores tied 36-36 and into overtime. Field goal at the death of overtime and its the greatest comeback in NFL any team....ever.  :o

So now Vikings are 10-0 in 1 score games this season (8 points or less).....and my heart is still hanging in there.....just.
11-3 overall and NFC North champs.
Just for craps and giggles, the 1 game we won, which was NOT a 1 score game was week 1 against the Packers.  ;D
Robert Heatley Stand / AFL Fixture 2023
Seems we've been rewarded very well after our efforts last year.

14 rounds have been released so far (we have the bye in R15).

Points of interest.
1. Thursday night opener against Tigers in R1
2. Exclusive Good Friday game vs Kangas in R4.
3. Thursday night opener of 'Gather Round' vs Adelaide in R5
4. Queens/kings birthday eve primetime slot Sunday night vs Essendon in R13

From the first 14 rounds we have...
10 Night/primetime games.
3 - Thursday Night games
4* - Friday Night games (inc. 4:20 twilight game on Good Friday)
2* - Saturday Night games (inc. 1 5:20AWT late game in Perth)
1 - Sunday Night games (Queens/Kings birthday eve)

The other 4 games are...
- Giants (away) Sat 4:35.
- Saints (home - Marvel) Sun 3:20
- Suns (home - MCG) Sun 1:10
and suprisingly
- Pies (Home - MCG) Sun 3:20

We play the following sides twice....
Ladies Lounge / Congrats Bree Moody - 2022b - All-Australian

Bree gets her 2nd AA nod and the sole Carlton representative this season.

Prespakis got a gig, well both did, and i'm not sure Maddie deserved it off the back of what i saw of her, but so be it. The fact she was picked as a half forward shows that the AFLW selectors also know how to screw up the AA selections as their male counterparts do repeatedly.

I reckon a few players were stiff, namely Laloifi, Peterson and Hill who basically don't know how to play a bad game.

Mckay and McEvoy got a nod in the 22 under 22 side though, so thats something.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2022b - R10 vs Bulldogs - friday night
Final round of the season. Officially out of finals.

I believe its our 4th friday night match in a row and 5th in 6 weeks.
Add in our Thursday night opener and that is 6/10 Thurs or Friday night games this season. I can't imagine we'll get the same treatment next year.

It's potentially the last game of a few well known players (and potentially a coach).

Hopefully we put up on a solid fight.
I'm not optimistic as i think the dogs have a better side.
Ladies Lounge / AFLW 2022b - R8 vs Tigers- Friday night
An important match this week with a bit extra involved.

We'll be coming up against Hoskings (x2) and Grace Egan.

Also an important match to keep in touch of the top 8, as Tigers are currently in 8th.
We are fighting with Gold Coast for 9th.