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The Sports Desk / Super Bowl 57
Watching Super Bowl 57, it is interesting to watch a fairly physical game with bodies going everywhere yet after each encounter there is no little elbow in the guts as they pass each other, no push and shove and carry on after the contest etc. Maybe AFL guys need to get a bit more discipline into their games.
Blah-Blah Bar / Halloween....
"The private party, thrown by co-founder Bijan Tehrani, was held at 29 St Georges Rd on Monday night with “every hot influencer in Melbourne” there, along with US rapper YG who put on a private show for guests.

Mia Fevola, Jordan De Goey, James Hachem, Tommy Bugg, Sam Guggenheimer, Jasmine Tavares, Hannah Dalsasso, and Shaun Wilson and Tess Shanahan"

Is that our a Thomas Bugg who we had for 10 min??
Robert Heatley Stand / Looking Ahead..........
At the risk of getting way too far ahead of myself, if we were to fall into a place in the 8, due to our doing, or through other results, we could be in a fairly strong place in terms of on field soldiers.  Week 1 is Friday Sept 2 ...... almost four weeks away.  In that time, Cripps has probobly had a good rest and is ready to go, as will Kennedy and Hewett. Marchbank and Pittonet will have a few games under their belt (Marchy can play in the twos on the bye weekend!) Williams and  Boyd should be ready as might Newman.

Make the first week in September and we could have a fairly strong squad! (Then all we need to do is to play to our full potential.....almost harder than over coming some of the injuries!!)
Blah-Blah Bar / Judith Australian icon
Sad to hear of the death of Judith Durham, lead singer of the Seekers. She was the 'sound' of the Seekers in the  60s that conquered the UK market and made the group a household name in Oz. Every time they had a reunion tour, they packed them out, and delivered every time. An icon of the Australian music scene has passed on....The Carnival is Over.
Robert Heatley Stand / Jack Silvagni - The Ultimate Medical Sub
Is Jack Silvagni the ultimate medical sub?  It is hard to think of a position on the ground that he couldn't cover (or assist in a suitable reshuffle) if we lose a soldier mid game. Back, forward, ruck, on ball.  Think of the alternatives: Honey, Dow, Setterfield, Martin, Motlop etc.  No real flexibility in the heat of a hard fought finals campaign. He might just end up being the ace in the pack!!
Robert Heatley Stand / AAMI Community Match vs Melbourne
AAMI Community Series team

Backs:    Lewis Young    Oscar McDonald     Zac Williams

Half-backs:    Nic Newman    Mitch McGovern      Adam Saad

Centreline:    Will Setterfield     Patrick Cripps       Lochie O'Brien

Half-forwards:    Matthew Owies    Jack Silvagni   Zac Fisher

Forwards:     Corey Durdin     Harry McKay     Tom De Koning

Followers:    Marc Pittonet     George Hewett     Adam Cerra

Interchange:   Jordan Boyd   Matthew Cottrell    Ed Curnow   Matthew Kennedy   Jack Martin   Luke Parks   Lachie Plowman
Tom Williamson

No Paddy Dow again!  The coach sees something he doesn't like?!?!

Blah-Blah Bar / Meatloaf Dead..
I know he copped a bad rap after the Grand Final fiasco, but Bat Out Of Hell is still one of the all time great albums, and his tour of Australia on the strength of that album was bloody good!  The Meat is dead , but the music will definitely live on!!
Robert Heatley Stand / Herald Sun 2022 Best 22

Herald Sun's Carlton best 22 in 22

B: Stocker Jones Newman
HB: Saad, Weitering, Williams
C: Hewett, Sam Walsh, Dow 
HF: J.Martin, C. Curnow, Fisher
F: Silvagni, McKay, E. Curnow
Foll: Pittonet Cripps Cerra
Int: De Koning, Young, McGovern, Newnes
Sub: Setterfield
Emerg: Plowman, Kemp, Honey, Owies
# Sam Docherty will return to the team when he is full healthy.

Crazy selections!  Who are your midfielders rotating off the bench? Setterfield ahead of Kemp? 
The Sports Desk / An Eerie Silence
Anyone else notice a ‘cone of silence’ has been dropped over the media in terms of any news regarding the extended layoff of Mark Robinson from 360 and the Herald Sun?
Robert Heatley Stand / VFL Bye
Not a great time for the VFL to have a bye!! We needed to get a game into Fisher, more work into Kemp and Carroll and possibly some limited game time for Charlie and McGovern.  Now it’s all put back another week.😡
Blah-Blah Bar / For Podcasters
For the 50 yo+ amongst us who were ‘radio heads’ in the 60s, 70s and 80s, there’s a podcast that may be of interest. ‘Pilots of the Airwaves’ chats to the old jocks of the day about their ‘days in the sun’ and some of their unique experiences. Lee Simon, Ric Melbourne, Greg Evans, Peter Meehan, Liz Sullivan, Denis Scanlan etc etc.(Declared vested interest...through all podcast outlets!!)