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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: The Climate, Environment and Energy Thread
This is the product of getting rid of decent cars.  I drive a Mondeo.  It's 15 years old, and is starting to show signs of the end.  My options to replace it are sfa and I can honestly state that my car is more capable of shifting stuff than the mrs nissan x trail. 

Mid sized sedan hatchback.  Not much available there anymore. 
The Sports Desk / Re: NRL SOO Game 1 2023
Storm games are always fun to watch like SOO, it's because it's Vic versus NSW, the NSW fans and NSW media give Storm hell. Storm are hated by the NSW teams, as far as I can tell it's because Storm did exactly what the NSW teams have been doing for decades, but they did it better than the NSW teams.

NSW talk up Origin like it's the pinnacle of the sport, but far from it, many of the best of the best do not even get to play SOO because they are Kiwis or Islanders.

Queenslander's like Origin because they are perennially labelled underdogs and as being the weaker squad by the NSW apparatchiks, yet Qld keep handing NSW it's hat and coat on the way out the door.

Regulars here will know of my love for Storm coach Craig Bellamy, if he ever wants a break from the 24x7 of NRL, Carlton would be well advised to give him a walk up start as a director of coaching. Forget the other names floated, they are B-Grade by comparison! Bellamy often takes unknown 2nd or 3rd division talent, rejects from other clubs, and the games troubled stars, and turns them into the opposition's worst nightmare. Bellamy is expert at building a reliable base around the top end talent using players other clubs do not want!

If we appointed a rugby administrator, he would quickly become the reason we are crap and would be burned alive career wise.

Carlton is only good for one thing at the moment, and that is ruining careers.

THAT is the trend we need to continue reversing.  A bloke walks in?  He walks out a better version, not a broken version kicked to the side in preference for something else. 
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 12 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Melbourne
I was interested in something Harry said in his latest podcast, he says those headphones he wears in the pre game warm up are not playing music, they are noise cancelling to block out the noise from the fans. That doesn't make sense to me. We often talk about how the pressure at training is different (non existent) to playing in front of crowds from a noise perspective. I've often thought that shots for goal practice at training could be done wearing headphones playing loud crowd noise to help simulate the environment (maybe they do this already). Sure the pressure of the game itself is not there but the noise would be at least. I would have thought Harry would be taking the opportunity to practice his goal kicking in the warm up with the crowd noise (and distraction) as opposed to cancelling it.

Depends.  Everyone is different.

When I was playing, I had some routines and rituals that I liked not because of anything tangible but how it made me feel.  Washed, but I had my match day socks, my match day bike shorts which helped with chafing.  Ultimately it was about building consistency and feeling comfortable through repeating a familiar process.  Not doing it was worse, than any perceived flaws in what I was doing.

Harry's kicking has gotten worse lately, but there was a time I was confident he would convert even with the kick around the corner.

Thats gone and he's recognised the problem.   His approach was inconsistent and ergo, his kicking a bit erratic.  It took a couple of years of fev misfiring before he became a really straight kick because he started changing things (notably his grip on the ball) and now Harry is fixing it.  Will take time but he'll finish the year better than he started.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 12 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Melbourne
Id be conceding the ruck and hoping to halve those contests and roving to a losing ruck.

A bigger concern is outside run as the Melbourne have a lot of pace off the wings in Langdon and Brayshaw.  Id be bringing in LOB to help Cotters and Acres there as Hollands has a big engine, and has competed well.

We should be able to match them on the inside given the absence of Oliver but Harmes, Petracca and co are not easy beats.

The key is stopping Baily Fritsch and Kosi Pickett forward.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2023 Post Game Postulations Carlton vs Sydney
The heat is on over here in the West on Simpson and the Eagles because of their performances in the last 2 and a bit seasons. We belted them but realistically, are we much better off at the moment? They have about 16 of their starting 23 out with injuries so they have some excuses, and some poor list management hasn't helped. Calls for sackings from the top down....CEO, board and coach or a combination. Fans are losing it.

We had 4 picks in the top 20 in 2015 and got Weitering, McKay, Curnow and Cunningham. The first 3 were/are AA level players in recent years. Then we've had Walsh and burnt top 10 picks on Dow, O'Brien and SPS. Not to mention long term deals on pretty big $$$ to bring in Martin, Williams and McGovern...and given up top 10 draft picks to bring in Saad and Cerra.

And after all that, we're likely to be in the bottom 6 by the end of this weekend with really only one "genuine" win this year over Geelong. The two wins over North and WCE are meaningless.

We've shown in the last two seasons that our best is good enough. Even the first 15 minutes last night, we absolutely dominated that game....and still lost by 5 goals. Yet something just has to be wrong internally at the club for this to just be almost like we're back where we started. We have the players....we have/had nearly a full list to choose from for last night's game....yet we look so far off being a top 8 side it's not funny. Some bits last night were just about's that sad. To see McGovern and Weitering fly for a mark and spoil each other 40m out from the opposition goal. To see blokes just continually turning it over. If we were happy to drop JSOS for a couple of weeks of poor form, then McKay simply has to go this week. Lost count of how many marks he fluffed last night and when he DID get it, he couldn't hit a pig in the bum with a frying pan.

Melbourne and Essendon in the next two weeks with likely 4 or 5 blokes out injured.....we're seriously looking at a bottom 4 finish now....after everything that last year promised.
Sorry did I see a different match?  Dominated the first 15 mins?

Just curious because I thought Sydney battled hard whilst we were scrapping and scraping and in a bit of an arm wrestle against a team with more hunger for the contest and a bit more physical to boot.  We endured that and tried to play footy more than anything but it was an ugly turnover filled match IMHO.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 12 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Melbourne
Winning ugly is something we were managing today.
You can do that by playing 'OK' and kicking straight.
It releases the pressure, and keeps you ticking along while you work out your other issues.

Now, since we can't kick straight, we are adding to our problems, not solving them.
Its created external noise, giving our players the yips and killing our confidence.

Indirectly, it has become our biggest problem.

Winning ugly shows character but my post was more for gi2c.

Not sure of scoring efficiency would be good or bad for us.  The idea that we have better in us is what I was looking for.  We do if we tidy up our execution but thats still about playing ugly and getting a result.

I was looking for more play that makes me look at a player and say wow that was good.  Or wow that was smart.

Method is important.  Its what you continue with when the chips are down and anchors the team when they aren't going well.  We don't really seem to have much method to our play but a hit and hope and our good players will take care of it. 

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 12 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Melbourne
Bad finishing isn't our only problem.  It would only paper over the cracks that are wide open.  In our last 3 matches despite the result and scoreline I was already unimpressed with our method by half time.

In fact when we won this season, our wins were only ok IMHO and they covered the ills back then. 

We haven't looked good all season and even our West Coast match I remember stating it was the worst dominant performance I had ever seen.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2023 Post Game Postulations Carlton vs Sydney
The injuries are a positive.

They force the change we couldn't otherwise make.  Whilst they're not world beaters, guys like dow, fisher and fogarty are going to get a shot in the midfield and o brien might get his chance on the wing again. He'll silvagni might play as a rover for a bit.

The cupboard is a bit bare at the moment but it means things will be a bit different.  Now we'll see what else we can try.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2023 Post Game Postulations Carlton vs Sydney
I suggested we do it last week, i demand we do it this week.
Drop Harry.

He is a liability.

He is dropping marks. The ones he takes he can't kick. We are wasted our entries inside 50 going to him. He is useless once the ball hits the ground.
So why are we playing him??

Harry out. Bring back SOJ as 3rd tall and let TDK play from the square.

Cripps, i don't care what miracle you can perform during the week on that ankle. Have the week off champ. Bring Dow in.

Hewitt....will be forced to have a rest. Bring Ed in from the sub vest.

Newman....will be done with a hamstring....bring back Cincotta after his efforts in the 2's.

Hollands....will be an out. Bring back LOB

Durdin....needs a rest. Bring in Fisher and reward his effort in the 2's.

If Kennedy needs a rest, bring in Fogarty.

Give Cowan the sub vest.

OUT: Harry, Hollands, Hewitt, Durdin, Newman, Cripps, (Kennedy)
IN: SOJ, LOB, Ed, Fisher, Cincotta, Dow, (Fogarty)
SUB: Cowan.
I suggested it weeks ago.