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Ladies Lounge / Past players in the news
Former Blue, now Richmond AFLW player, Jess Hosking, is in the news for the wrong reasons; she has been charged with allegedly driving a jet-ski while under the influence of alcohol on a trip to Queensland.

It’s only a very brief report in the Age online but the phrase “former Carlton AFLW player” doesn’t appear  :)

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Russian Ukraine War
I'm not going to paint anyone as a victim, villain, or anything of recourse, but I just want to highlight that things are only getting worse and whilst this might be a fire across the bows to highlight that Russia does in fact have something to lose here, if I were in the Russian's shoes, I would be hesitant to back away from this conflict (win or lose).

If I were in their shoes, rightly or wrongly, I would be infuriated at having had my enemies armed by my own enemies, and would likely only escalate my acts, and then galvanise my resolve not to lose this war, "whatever it takes".

That's a very dangerous for everyone mode for the Russians to be in. 

I do empathise with the Ukrainians under fire.  No one wants to be in a war and i wonder what the true motivation for all of this is.

If you were in their shoes Thry, I doubt whether you would have invaded your neighbour's property, even if he had a better pool and veggie garden.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
Strange how I was warned by DJC for calling Dan Andrews a dickhead but you can call Trump whatever you like.

In fact, I’ve only just seen Baggers’ post.

However, if you care to go back, I thought your transition from “Dictator” to “D1ckhead” was quite clever.  The warning was not to go any further.

Context is important; Dan is our d1ckhead, Aurangzeb is a threat to civilisation. That doesn’t give free rein to ignore our code of conduct though.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
Like narcissists before him, the orange orangutan will destroy all around him before there's any chance of him stopping his rampage.
Only one strategy works against narcissists - accountability, relentless accountability. Use only cold hard facts. Never try to combat them at their own game... they love it.

That's terribly disrespectful towards orangutans Shane ...
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Just going back to the subconscious mind, I think that we see far more than our conscious mind can process but our lizard brain takes it all in and spits out anything that could be important.

Many years ago, I was walking from one of the La Trobe carparks towards the library.  There was a bloke walking in the opposite direction about 200m away and a thought flashed through my brain, "I haven't seen Peter for a while."  As we got closer, I realised that it was Peter.  I don't know whether there was something about his gait or posture but there's no way that I could have recognised him at 200m.

I spend a lot of time in the bush and have had numerous encounters with snakes but they are rarely unexpected.  One close call was when I foolishly decided to walk through some scrub wearing thongs. I was in mid-step when I suddenly thought, "This is a good place for a snake."  I kept my foot raised and, sure enough, there was a smallish Tiger Snake coiled up right where I was about to plant my Japanese safety boot.  I retreated and found another route. 

I have had many similar experiences and I am sure that they are the subconscious mind using sensory skills we've forgotten we have.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
I'll give you four out of five.
With Grace Tame we have to understand that she has been very damaged by her experiences.
Unless we've had similar experiences we can't possibly understand the depth of feeling and the impact.

We see her being standoffish and dismissive with a Prime Minister, and some get a feeling of 'that's a bit rude.'
Some of us are stronger than others in coping.
But the impact of abuse is more often than not life long.
That will affect the actions, words and behaviour of even the strongest.
I suspect, rightly or wrongly, that Grace often gets the feeling that the supportive words of some folk are not 100% genuine and she finds it difficult to suffer them with a smiley face all the time.
There's an anger there that's hard to hide.
It's a bit off-putting to some folks who think she perhaps needs to harden up and move on but it's a struggle we can never really understand unless we've experienced it.

Grace has autism and that affects her presentation.  Given that, and the dreadful abuse she suffered, I’m happy to cut her some slack.

Greta Thunberg also has autism (Asperger’s) and that helps to explain her all-absorbing interest in halting environmental destruction.  I quite like Greta … who couldn’t like someone with Tintin as one of their given names?

I’d replace Grace and Greta with Peta Credlin and Alan Jones.  I can take or leave Waleed Aly and there are many other folk who get up my goat. Of that lot, Clive Palmer is probably the person who most churns my gut.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
I love reading the twists and turns in these discussions  :)

My late brother was a police officer for 20 years before going over to the dark side and becoming a barrister.  This was during a time of entrenched prejudice and bigotry as well as imported ethnic conflicts, the turmoil of post-war immigration, the sexual revolution, student protest movements, the Cold War and anti-war and anti-capital punishment demonstrations. 

Throughout his career as a police officer and as a barrister, my brother always maintained that material evidence was the key to obtaining a conviction, or avoiding one.  Gut feelings, intuition, prejudices, opinions and speculation almost invariably led police astray and obscured or missed evidence. 
The Sports Desk / Re: God help me - the Test Cricket thread
I’ve always loved test cricket but I’m finding it hard to get interested in this series.

The Windies are mediocre but the Australian team doesn’t inspire me either.  I think it’s the cumulative effects of strange selections, controversy, Langer, and sandpaper.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: General Discussions
Rather harsh, Wingman MAV.

Having worked in this business, and with some of the best ad agencies in the caper I do have some knowledge in this area. Market research is only one factor, then there's interpretation of the data, then there's implementation of a strategic marketing and PR plan to reach and motivate the perceived market - that means media usage, creative and image consultants, not to mention industrial psychology input.

Many a well market-researched product has flopped... P76, but that was awhile ago. More recently you can bet that the LNP did their market research before launching their (lame) ad campaign. Perhaps their market research was good, but the interpretation and implementation was woeful. I could site many examples (evidence?) of brands/products that underwent exhaustive market research, yet still failed. Re-branding successfully involves much more than blind adherence to market research. It aint linear.

If market research was the 'be all and end all' as you seem to believe, then every product re-branded using market research would be an instant success. It aint. There's a fair bit of creative, intuitive, experienced interpretation and art involved.

The thing is Shane, Coon/Cheers cheese is a minuscule component of a very large range of products manufactured, imported and sold by the various arms of Calendar Cheese/Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Company/Saputo.  I listed some of their brand names in a previous post and they cover everything from caviar to chocolate.  As I said before, it is ludicrous to suggest that rebranding one of their products caused such a drop off in sales across the board that they had to close plants in Victoria. 

Saputo closed their cheese slice factory in Cobram earlier this year.  Coon/Cheers is one of several cheese slice brands produced by Saputo.  In September, CEO Lino Saputo explained;

“Two platforms that have most upside for us are the US and the second one is Australia.

Australia is very different to the US — it’s not a commodity issue, it’s more a lack of milk production issue in the country.

Milk production has been declining by maybe four or five per cent per year which means less milk for us to process, which means we need less plant in our system to be able to run our plant more effectively, more efficiently.

By the end of our strategic plan (final year 2025,) we will have fewer plants in the US network and fewer plants in the Australian network."

The only "evidence" that the change from Coon to Cheers had an impact on Saputo's profitability are some throw away references to the name change in the Murdoch media's reporting of the closure of Saputo's Maffra plant.