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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Last post by laj -
All this discussion about rucks, type of ruck combo we should use etc, did show the value of Levi in his time here as a "professional 2nd ruck" and forward. JSOS can't do his ruck job and we're certainly not going to risk a big forward there. Pittonet and De Koning are a nice combo though. More than capable of doing more than just simply rucking.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 2 2023 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Last post by DJC -
Got worked out real well.....after they won a flag with the tactic.

I'll take that.

People fixate on the difference in output between Jack and a genuine 2nd ruck, but they are completely ignoring the fact that we get an extra midfielder as part of that balancing act.
That (lack of) an extra midfielder against the cats almost cost us the game.

It only took a couple of games for opposition coaches to work out how to exploit Jack in the ruck.  For example, in Round 14 last year, Hardwick had Balta play on Jack both when he was a forward and in the ruck.  Balta was simply too strong for Jack and the latter had no influence at all ... and we lost.  Against Collingwood the following week, Cox and cameron were simply too tall and exploited Jack in the ruck and around the ground ... and we lost again.

Jack isn't an extra midfielder when he goes into the ruck.  He has to try to negate the opposition rucks and they work on dragging him to both ends of the ground to create a marking advantage in attack or defence, as well as providing a taller marking option during their transition or to disrupt our transition.

As for the Geelong game, Blicavs - when he wasn't rucking - started in the square on Cripps, then drifted forward to create another marking target and/or drag Cripps out of the midfield.  Cripps didn't go with him, giving us an extra number around the ball.

What almost cost us the game was our inability to transition out of defence.  That wasn't helped by Pitto's lack of match fitness/ managed minutes, but he did give us the ability to compete in the air.  Silvagni does that when he plays as a forward and doesn't have to compete against taller, stronger opponents.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Jim Park Analysis 2023
Last post by crashlander -
AFL Round 1:   Carlton vs Richmond
One that got away? Perhaps. We really should have won it, but at least we didn’t lose.

[1]   We managed 15 voters this round, which may not be huge, but it is a measure of how many people use this site these days. It was only one down from this game last year, which was a tremendous win. Hopefully we can keep this level up throughout the season.

[2]   The rating was 8.22, which is close enough to a C+. There was a large range in ratings, far more so than for most matches: some voters were disappointed and let it show, while others were less pessimistic. Fair enough: every sees the game differently.
This time last the rating was 9.58, but that was for a win.

[3]   16 players managed to get at least 1 vote, which suggests that a lot of players made a contribution. When we had a big win, we often managed 19 last year. Not sure if that trend will continue.

[4]   The average vote for this game was 27, which also shoes the level of satisfaction in voters. Scores of 31 are more common when we win, while 23 or 24 do happen when we lose.

[5]   Last years Patrick Cripps had a huge number of votes (342) in an epic win. This time it was Lewis Young who stood out with 340 votes. George Hewett scored 230 to be 2nd.

[6]   4 players managed 100 votes or more, a measure that shows how dominant our players can be. This time last year our 4 main mids all got over 100 votes. This time only 2 mids managed it. The others were defenders.

[7]   Three players, Young, Hewett and Docherty, managed votes from everyone. Weitering missed 2.

[8]   We blooded 3 recruits for this game, of which one, Ollie Hollands, managed a vote. As a general rule, the better our debutants fare in this game, the better we perform.

[9]   This one was a game for defenders. We were thrashed in the middle, as can be identified by the lack of votes from many of our best midfielders.

Young, Lewis 340
Hewett, George 230
Docherty, Sam 197
Weitering, Jacob 143
McKay, Harrison 91
Curnow, Charles 52
Saad, Adam 49
Cripps, Patrick 44
McGovern, Mitchell 27
Cerra, Adam 19
de Koning, Tom 19
Kennedy, Matthew 11
Newman, Nicholas 11
Motlop, Jesse 11
Hollands, Oliver 5
Curnow, Edward 3

Progressive Voting:
340 - Young, Lewis (0)
231 - Hewett, George (0)
198 - Docherty, Sam (0)
143 - Weitering, Jacob (0)
72 - McKay, Harrison (0)
53 - Curnow, Charles (0)
50 - Saad, Adam (0)
44 - Cripps, Patrick (0)
28 - McGovern, Mitchell (0)
20 - Cerra, Adam (0)
20 - de Koning, Tom (0)
11 - Kennedy, Matthew (0)
11 - Newman, Nicholas (0)
11 - Motlop, Jesse (0)
6 - Hollands, Oliver (0)
3 - Curnow, Edward (0)

It is interesting to note the differences. This is due to how the program rounds the votes off. It does, however, make for some confusion.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 3 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs GWS
Last post by Mav -
The Giants’ midfield woes continue. Perryman suffered a hamstring injury last week and will miss. Jacob Wehr, one of their first-choice wingers, was subbed out of today’s game with an AC-joint injury (his arm was in a sling). Whitfield (rebounding defender) and Josh Kelly both missed this week due to concussion and we don’t know whether one or both will miss a 2nd week.

The Giants had a rough game against the Crows in Rd1 on a very hot day and perhaps that has left them ripe for the picking. But the Eagles were horrible last week and the Giants should have done much better. The trip to Perth won’t do much to freshen the Giants up, particularly as they only have a 6 day break ahead. They had little pace in the midfield although they had a few hard nuts such as Tom Green, Ward and Coniglio. They really need Kelly back.

Preuss won’t return from injury, nor will Bedford and O’Halloran.