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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: RIP Shane McGowan
Last post by DJC -
I don’t think that Shane ever looked well, but what a contribution he made to our musical journey!

A very best of the Pogues CD is always on high rotation in Mrs DJC’s car 🙂


I should add that I have a bottle of "the Pogues triple distilled Irish Whiskey - the official whiskey of the legendary band".  I have been just a little reluctant to partake but I will raise a glass to Shane this evening.
Blah-Blah Bar / RIP Shane McGowan
Last post by dodge -
Amazing that he lasted so long, but while The Pogues had issues, what a great band!

I remember seeing someone wearing a Pogues t shirt in the late 80s.  Judging the person, I assumed Pogues were punk.

I was introduced to their music some years later (early 90s) and me and my mate laughed at how wrong I was - and how good some of their tunes are.

Dirty Old Town, Fiesta, Pari of Brown Eyes and of course (which we will hear heaps of now if it isn't cancelled) Fairy Tale of New York.

His last few years didn't look like fun - he took ownership and knew it was his fault.

He certainly had an impact on me, in my impressionable youth (early 20s!)
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: AI and creativity.
Last post by kruddler -
Obviously, AI doesn't stop you being shizen!

But I'm not actually sure what is more shizen, the AI or the person trying to script the result! ;D

It just needs to release a sex tape and then it can replace the modern day pop stars completely.
The music is equally bad and 'paint by numbers' as the rest of the crap that is released nowadays so go the whole 9 yards with it and replace them altogether.