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2013/2014 EPL Season

Trouble brewing at Manure already:

Wayne Rooney's Manchester United career appears to be over.

Rooney has taken that as a personal slight on a player who has given nine years' service to the Old Trafford cause and is 'angry and confused' about his treatment.

The offending words were delivered to Sunday newspaper journalists during a briefing with Moyes in Bangkok last week.

Moyes said: "Overall, my thought on Wayne is that if for any reason we had an injury to Robin van Persie we are going to need him and I want as many options as possible."

It has been widely interpreted as Moyes stating he regards Rooney as an understudy to the prolific Van Persie.

And understandably, that has gone down very badly.
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Re: 2013/2014 EPL Season

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Coming from a Liverpool supporter, I reckon its a storm in a teacup!
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