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Don't get these protesters. Horse Racing is not dangerous.   Bringing a horse back to the stables is though. 

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hope no Essendon players run into a fence when those IN's get waved around

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NEW footage has emerged of racegoers slamming the man who spooked Araldo, ultimately leading to the Melbourne Cup horse’s death.

Mark Schneider and his partner were identified by Channel 7 as the culprits, with footage showing Schneider and another man holding a woman up on a fence as she waved a large Australian flag.

The incident caused Araldo to stir on the way back to the mounting yard, breaking his leg after getting caught in a fence.

The horse was later euthanised, marking the second death in a tragic aftermath to Australia’s most famous race following favourite Admire Rakti succumbing to acute heart failure.

Video captured on a mobile phone and obtained by Channel 7 shows a man angrily confronting Schneider, suggesting he found the Araldo situation amusing.

“A horse just got hurt and you thought it was funny,” the man says to Schneider.

“You just put it (the flag) up again.”

“We held it here,” Schneider responded, pointing down.

“You go tell the owners of Araldo, who’ve got a million dollar horse, that’s going to get the vet now saving its life because of you. But you think it’s funny,” the man added.

“We’re here to celebrate,” Scheider said.

The man ended the conversation, saying: “You laughed at security when he came up to you.”

Another witness told Channel 7: “A few people told him off. I don’t think he really cared until he found out the horse was injured.”

Schneider said later: “ ... as owners ourselves we are shattered at the events of yesterday ... (and) regretting what unfolded and are deeply shaken.”

Schneider told Channel 7 he was a regular Melbourne Cup attendee and that this was certainly not the first time he had waved a flag close to horses.

What a forkwit.
Ignorance is bliss.


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Why would you take an Australian flag to the races anyway? Were we playing a 20/20 game in the middle of the track?

Mind boggling stupidity.