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Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)

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Much, much wilder....because the more moderate American right-leaning voter have seen what he can be.
He was 'different' they know the consequences of that difference.
The level of support for Trump is very dependent on the performance of Biden.
Biden seems to be picking up in that area in recent weeks.

Anyway Trump's going to be tied up in legal issues for some time to come.

Any weakness towards China or hardship due to interest rises in the USA will lead to calls for Trump to be the savior again IMO.
Trump is a false prophet but his type garner support when the country is at its lowest ebb, China think Biden doesnt have the gonads to take them on and I'm interested to see how the Taiwan situation unfolds given the tough recent talk from China's propaganda team that they are intent on military action to get what they want.
Any weak response from Biden and team will have Trump or similar back in the frame imo...

Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)

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The error in your logic, Lods, is that you assume the US is a democracy. At best, it’s a very distorted one. Gerrymandering and voter suppression is well established over there and the conservative majority in the Supreme Court appears ready to walk away from defending equal voting rights.

The attempted coup on 6/1/21 might also be a dry run for what’s to come. Just wait for Red States to pass legislation allowing the Governors, Secretaries of State or State Legislatures to forward their own slates of electors to the Electoral College if they have the slightest concern about the conduct of elections in their States.

At the end of the day politics is all about alternatives.
If Biden's approval rating was up in the 60-70% range we woudn't be talking about Trump.

Where there may be an issue is that the USA is a bit like Europe in terms of the variance in thinking of individual states.
However there's often a fairly even split between Republican and Democrat, so the idea one party can dominate in such a threatening, overruling manner..even with a stacked court, is probably not going to happen.

If it was as bad as all that, Trump would still be President.

But it may be you turn out to be right.
We'll watch this space...and if Trump is President elect in 2024 I'll buy you a dinner...and a drink...we'll both need one. ;)

Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)

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If it was as bad as all that, Trump would still be President.
That almost happened. If Pence had gone along with the idea of accepting the fake slates of electors or at least using them to justify a refusal to certify the results of the election in the “disputed” States, the House of Representatives would have voted in Trump as each of the 50 States would have had 1 vote and the Republicans controlled the votes in 26 States. And just imagine if Pence had been killed by Trump’s followers. What would that have done to the certification process? Trump’s coup was a serious effort but poorly executed. They’ve had 4 years to prepare for the next effort. To that end, Trump loyalists are running to replace State officials in charge of elections such as Secretaries of State and lesser election officials.

Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)

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It's hard to understand motive, especially when you do not have access or ability to examine or measure the resources, but superficially it appears that Murdoch Media has turned on Trump, and maybe it's a sign Trump's become a dead duck.

News Ltd will have Readership and Viewer poll results, most of it will be kept private, but what is not private are the headlines and by-lines appearing on various News Ltd product. In other words they may write one thing but act in some other way. So it could be a call to arms, or it could be a tell as well, it's 50/50.

Should we be surprised, I suppose Trump boosters will claim he is playing rope-a-dope, while others will just assume he is a dope!
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