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US Open 2021

Not sure how many here are interested, but Novak is 2 wins away from the first men's calendar Slam since 1969, and from a record breaking 21st men's Grand Slam title.


Re: US Open 2021

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He has had a great run. I hope he wins this one. Not an easy task. The competition are closing the gap in terms of skill and quality.
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Re: US Open 2021

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He is good, maybe even great, but he is also one of a handful of players that I credit for taking momentum killing professional faked injury breaks to a new level rivaling even soccer players for precision and timing.

Which to me greatly tarnished his career.

I realize some admire the willingness to do whatever it takes, but I hate it as much as I hate CheatsFC. Winning at any price is not about winning at all, it is probably more about theft!
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Re: US Open 2021

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They said on the radio this morning things aren't going his way so Joker is acting up, the crowd having tolerated enough precious pandemic behaviour has said enough is enough and are booing him!

It's almost interesting enough for me to watch, .......almost!

Imagine that, if a post pandemic world is bullsh1t intolerant!
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Re: US Open 2021

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Must be the weekend for capitulations and for underdogs.

Medvedev 6-4 6-4 6-4. He played a great match. The umpire couldn't control the crowd towards the end.

Novak started crying sitting on his chair 4-5 down in the third. He took position waiting for Medvedev's serve still sobbing. I've never seen anything like it.

He is good, maybe even great..................................

He is indisputably great, and even taking into account today's loss, is pretty much the GOAT as things stand presently.

Re: US Open 2021

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Glad he got done. 

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While I don't agree with the booing, I'm sort of ambivalent about the distress because for me like Goodes it is partly self-inflicted, that doesn't mean I do not understand the effect such public derision has on people.

Cancel culture is not the answer but I doubt things are heading any other way, the mob has seen the power it holds and it will apply that power indiscriminately to evil and innocent alike!
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Re: US Open 2021

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The crowd was pro Novak.
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As I mentioned I didn't watch, I'm going off comments I heard on early morning radio that claimed the crowd was booing Joker for throwing a tantrum!
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Re: US Open 2021

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