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The comment re Kaepernick isn't peculiar to the Vikings. It's directed at the NFL overall. Each franchise would be able to mount an argument as to why it ignored Kaepernick but the fact they all did makes it obvious he's been blackballed when you look as some of the guys who've been rolled out..

It could be argued that the Covid protocol itself pretty much excludes Kaepernick as it would take 6 days for him to become eligible, forcing franchises to look within their own organisations. But these protocols were put in place by the NFL, the same organisation that must have been complicit in Aaron Rodgers sidestepping those same protocols (surely, one of the higher-ups at the NFL and/or Packers must have known & acquiesced). Surely, the NFL could craft protocols that would either allow or prevent Kaepernick from filling in. And I'm guessing the NFL was much more likely to do the latter in order to have a ready-made excuse as to why every franchise has continued to prefer deadbeats to Kaepernick.

Regarding the playoff situation, Philly's game tomorrow is critical as its last game is against the Dallas Cowboys which will no doubt be fully motivated to win as it fights for the best playoff position. If Philly loses to Washington, it may end up on 8-9 and the Saints and Vikings would be in with a shot. I couldn't be bothered trying to understand the tie-breaking procedure. Once I read that the head-to-head test wouldn't apply if 3 or more teams ended up with the same number of wins, I gave up. If Philly ended up in a 2 way tie with the Vikings, the Vikings would apparently get the nod while if it ties only with the Saints, Philly would get in.

And the Washington game is no gimme. They played a couple of weeks ago and Washington jumped to an early 10-0 lead despite losing its starting QB to the Covid protocol. Sure, Philly then got going and won 27-17, but who knows how the rematch will go now Washington seems to be be doing better with Covid roulette. 

Re: Jordan Mailata & the Philly Eagles

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Philly Eagles just avoided a humiliating loss. After being down 16-7 at half-time, they had eked out a 4 point lead but Washington had driven down to the red zone with 30 seconds to go Then the QB, Heinicke, passed down the middle to the TE but it sailed high and was intercepted by a safety in the end zone to end the game. Looks like the Eagles have sealed a spot in the playoffs given the Vikings are 17 points down at half-time.  

Re: Jordan Mailata & the Philly Eagles

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Antonio Brown did a Fev, although Fev didn't go quite as far as Antonio ...

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Been away for a few days camping with no reception.

Just caught up on all the goings on. Pretty much went as expected.
Vikings no hope without Cousins (and Thielen....and....) and got dominated.

Philly make it.

Interesting about AB. Surely his career is done now. Should've been done a while ago, but he's had more chances than a cat.
CTE is almost certain for him.

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Yep, CTE is a nightmare for the NFL. That's the 2nd reason I can't fully invest in NFL. It's a bit like watching boxers go at it: it's hard to ignore that the sport leaves it mark on them and watching it makes you feel a bit guilty.

Aaron Hernandez was a horror story. Geez, if there's anyone you don't want to turn into a homicidal maniac it's a 111 kg ball of muscle with loads of money.

And this loops back to the other problem I have with the NFL. Google race-norming and you'll read plenty about how the NFL & the players' lawyers managed to arrive at a settlement of the CTE litigation which made it harder for black players to make a claim. No surprises that the US is in the middle of a white supremacy fueled drive towards right-wing dictatorship.

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Also on CTE, Everson Griffen is a DE who played for the Vikings for years and was a leader at that position. He had a run in or 2 with the law, mainly off the back of some weird psychosis he was experiencing. He ended up getting traded and doing the team to team thing for a couple years. This year he came back to the vikings and all was going well.....until he posted some late night social media content of him alone in his house with his gun talking about how they are all coming to get him. Police standoff resulted and no issues came from it.
He has been MIA since with 'health reasons'.

Most definitely another CTE victim who i think will also have played his last NFL game this year. TBH, i don't expect him to be alive 10 years from now and wouldn't be surprised if he was found dead 5 years from now.

These things are occurring more and more in the NFL and its getting harder and harder to hide and/or cover up.

Despite all the knowledge and work done to limit the big hits in the game, after every play, players are still slapping themselves and eachother on the helmet and headbutting and all that stuff that they should be trying to cut out.....but no.

The CTE issue, which is huge, is still largely being ignored and its going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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On race norming, it seems a bit flaky a term which has the appropriate emotive victimized response we are used to seeing when a particular agenda is raised, but how is this race norming achieved?

Is it discrimination based on race or is it legitimate empirical evidence that shows a pre disposition to certain affliction?

Note: I think that those who play sport knowing that there are these risks later in life should have a limit to being able to sue about it later.  They aren't forced into playing, they do so by choice. 

That being said, there should be appropriate evidence pointing to why race norming is an appropriate action, else it isn't valid.
"everything you know is wrong"

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If you have Foxtel, you can watch the big fella in action against the Cowboys at 12.15pm tomorrow (Sunday). This is an odd fixture as ordinarily the NFL doesn't play games on Saturday. 

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Bit of a let down. It's "Rest or Rust" week given both Philly and Dallas have already qualified for next week's Wild Card playoffs. Dallas still has something to gain by winning and securing the 2nd seed (home playoffs in the 1st 2 weeks) but Philly has nothing to play for. And surprise, surprise: Philly has 12 on Covid protocol and they've rested their QB Jaelen Hurts. They played Jason Kelce to keep his 7 year unbroken string of games going but pulled him out after a couple of plays. Mailata is suited up but is watching from the sidelines while the guy he displaced, Andre Dillard, is playing in his place. Still, for all that, Philly has scored a touchdown in their opening drive.

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Everyone can watch the big fella on FTA TV (7 Mate) as well as ESPN. Philly Eagles play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday morning at 5 am. Chances are it'll be the only opportunity to see him as Tampa Bay is getting back all of its stars, save for Antonio Brown of course. And the Philly QB, Jaelen Hurts, is battling an ankle injury and his game relies heavily on being able to run.