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cricket bats

Anyone still playing cricket? 
I buy my son good bats but theyre always too heavy.
Does anyone out there know a really good light weight bat around 2.8   ?
The last bat i got imported from the uk which is a great bat but not the weight i was promised  !
Any thoughts  ?

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Best to talk to specialists selling bats. If your bat is too heavy you know professionals can refurbish older bats, or even reduce the weight of bats to make them lighter. Google making cricket bats lighter and there are heaps of sites to help you. Don't try doing yourself if you don't know what to do. My friends imported bats from India in the past. They were always happy with what they got. I guess its all up to price. Best of luck buddy. ;)
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Yeah frustrating. Had a bat made from Julian Millenchamp. Awesome bat but he's now moved to Qld. Got a bat from the uk which was way heavier than they said it would be.  Ive just sent that bat to Julian to shave some weight off. But in the mean time my son needs a new bat  !

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If you're in Melbourne you could try Fisher Bat and Willow (Yarraville). I've had bats made to measure there - excellent quality, you select the grain and wood from a range and they make to spec.

I wanted a bat with better balance and a thicker handle and we worked on one until I got what I was looking for - still have it years later.

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Cheers Gents

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Maddock Sports in Blackburn id ome fantastic work on a bat i bought. Took weight out without affecting the power of the bat.

If you want something handcrafted try Warsop, they made the best bat I've ever used.

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This is a subject that I can talk about with plenty of knowledge & passion.

First question - how old is your son ?? Subject to his age, height & overall body strength, you can then move on to choosing your weapon of choice. There are also a lot of other things to take into account when purchasing a new bat, the weight is probably the last of them.

How long and/or thick is the handle ?? Is it comfortable to hold and does the grip suit as well ??

Does the blade have any imperfections in the willow and are the grains straight and about a finger width apart ??

What is the swing weight and does that suit ??

How does the middle sound when hot with a batting mallet ?? Is it 'tinny' around the sweet spot or is there a greater spread of the centre ??

Kashmir willow or English willow ??

Sub-continent bow or traditional straight face ??

How thick is the edge and does this impact upon the swing weight ??

It is imperative that you do not buy a bat from stores like Rebel Sport etc, the staff there have little knowledge about the product and what is best suited to the player. They also carry a poor range of stock meaning that the chances of purchasing an inappropriate bat is so much higher.

Being in Sydney, I cannot recommend the names of all the genuine cricket specialist stores as I don't know them but start with the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre and go to 2-3 others to see what else they have.

Don't be afraid to ask  if they have anything from last year's range out the back, if they do, they'll be happy to get rid of it at a greatly reduced price. There is bugger-all difference between bats from one season to the next so why pay over the odds when there is no need to.

If you go to a cricket specialist centre, they should also throw in a bat cover plus oil & roll the bat, apply a protective sleeve to the face and shoe-goo to the toe as well, all things that will enhance the longevity of the product.
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By the way, I've only had three bats over my career and I've been playing since I was 10yo.

Stuart Surridge harrow-sized as a junior, two Gunn & Moore bats for seniors.

I thoroughly recommend G&M as your choice of bats, Newbury for gloves & Impala pads (if they are still on the market). 
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This won't help anyone else, but I thought I would share, The best bat I have ever used was a $50 Stuart Surridge bat from K-mart. I bought it when playing under 16's and I still have it. I bought a mallet, spent 12 months knocking it in !! And the middle of it is just amazing, and a huge sweet spot !!

It's a bit heavier than most of todays bats, but if you can get used to the weight ...... I still don't use anything else !!
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