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Re: Ajla Tomljanović vs America

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At the end of the day does it really matter who folks think is the GOAT
It comes down to personal perceptions and people's favourites.
Statistics is one aspect.
Influence and dominance is yet another.
The age of those giving an opinion is yet another.

Ask who the GOAT Carlton player, is and you'll probably get half a dozen players in the mix.
And you can almost guarantee playing statistics will have little bearing on the result.
And the result will probably be determined by which age group the majority of voters fit into.

Re: Ajla Tomljanović vs America

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But you’re making my point for me. Laver won a paltry 11 Grand Slam titles, far fewer than Joker, Rafa & Federer. So that means he couldn’t possibly be the GOAT on Thryleon’s criterion. But he was excluded from 21 Grand Slam tournaments in his peak years because he was a professional. Credit him with even half of those titles and he’s neck and neck with them. Give him most of them, which isn’t fanciful by any means, and he would have been well ahead - Bradman compared to everyone else.

Mav, there are few players that achieve winning all 4 majors in one year.  The grand slam.  Court did it twice.

Graff did it.

Navratilova did it.

Guess who failed to do it...
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Re: Ajla Tomljanović vs America

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We are probably the worst club in the AFL era.

If you base your assessment on premierships won (which I think is the only suitable measure), we're equal eleventh in the AFL era.  Clubs that haven't performed as well as we have are St Kilda, Gold Coast, GWS and Fremantle; not good company!
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