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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 5 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Adelaide
And what, they didn't know these blokes are pacy? They didn't know Keays was going to kick 3 or 4? They didn't know Walker knows a thing or two about playing FF and kicking straight? Shame on them because I'm a dumb ass and I knew all the above.
Those in charge were probably counting on us being a better overall team with more football talent and hoping that got the job done.We have often had DeJa Vu defeats over the years where the same opposition players do the same things and we dont seem to change what we do and the results are the same. Losing Cerra, Saad and Mcgovern probably left us with less pace and you only have to be a little bit off in todays game and you can get knocked over by most decent teams.
Walker is a hard matchup given he is mobile, strongly built and needed a bit of double teaming imho...JW is the best in the business so you just have to tip your hat to Walker.
On the other hand Ben Keays is a handy midfielder at best and letting him kick 3-4 goals again was a serious screwup.
Keays is neither quick, a great overhead mark or brilliant kick but seemed to get on the end of forward entries close to goal and often be on his own in the process. One for the Video review crew to check out and find those responsible as who ever had him as an opponent didnt do much homework or didnt carry out instructions properly.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 3: Carlton vs Collingwood at Ikon Park
We are chasing the same players.
What often gets overlooked is
a) How easy is it to get them? Supply vs Demand
b) How much does it cost to get them in terms of picks/players when it is
    i) Through the draft
    ii) Via trade
c) How long before they are AFL ready once we do get them.

In terms of good KPPs
Easiest way to get them is via trade, but that will cost you BIG time.
Next best way is via the draft, but you have to be proactive as it is usually years before you see if they are up to scratch. Which, in the meantime means you could miss your (next) window if you get a bad batch and are not continually drafting them.
Yep....looked at the free agents this season who are defenders who you may loosely call KP types and you are looking at Tom McDonald,Dylan Grimes, Josh Battle, Nick Haynes and Adam Tomlinson only. All are undersized for KP roles imo bar McDonald and the only one I would consider is Battle given his age and future prospects, so its slim pickings in terms of supply.

That leaves State League players or drafting suitable types in the ND....both those sources are very limited and as you say kids from the ND take plenty of time usually.
You are left with only one other method and thats developing your own from within your playing list and maybe changing a players role and position which can also take time and with no guarantee of success, plus then having to replace that player with another who can play his initial position...
We saw Geelong take the raw Ratagolea after failed attempts at being a KF and ruck then turn him into a CHB in a fairly short space of time. Lemmey could be a candidate for that treatment or even Jack Silvagni on return.....TDK of course has been mentioned in the media for a transition as a CHB but Im inclined to leave him where he is playing ok.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 3: Carlton vs Collingwood at Ikon Park
So, we could, be going back to the draft to chase some genuine KP players for the future. Something we should've been doing for years. Unless we find one soon, we'll have Charlie, Harry and Weitering (and Jack) all over 30 without a genuine replacement on the list.
Agree with that, KP players should be on the agenda as a priority, need some more speedy ball winning mids but given we have the Campo kids on the way that might cover that area although I wouldnt mind a taller/stronger young mid or two to future proof the list as Hewett, Kennedy and Cripps get older.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 3: Carlton vs Collingwood at Ikon Park
Akuei has speed and a big leap plus the skinniest calves in the VFL but I have yet to see much in the way of football talent.

Lemmey has a decent pair of hands if he has a clear run at the ball and doesn't have to manoeuvre; he also seems somewhat lacking beneath his knees - despite the commentators remarks, I have not yet been impressed.
Tend to agree on Lemmey, he should be doing better given he had some senior SANFL experience and seems very mark and kick but not much else. He could be a player who needs a taste of senior footy to take the next step and VFL footy may just see him plod along at that lesser standard without challenging himself too much.
Id like to see him run on the ball a bit more in the ruck and get more involved....Okeefe is a good blue collar kid but is another who seems to be showing little improvement after a good start last season.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 6 2024 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs GWS
It wasn't long ago we had running machine in the 2s who's form their never translated or transferred to the 1s. All he ended up being was a whipping  boy. From what I have seen of Binns, albeit limited, he is miles off and will end up another whipping boy when he goes missing. In my view, he doesnt replace Cottrell on present form IMO. He doesnt replace Acres on wing. Does he warrant a game ahead of Ollie H on a wing maybe? I dont think so but interested to hear thoughts.
Hollands has had a couple of poor games in a row and his no name opponents have been good players for their respective clubs.
Doesnt mean Ollie should be banished never to return but I think Binns deserves a chance to see if he can do better and let ollie work on his game in the twos. Id rather Ollie stop his opponent than try and rack up possessions if he finds himself struggling.....starting Binns as the sub might ease him into senior footy.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 3: Carlton vs Collingwood at Ikon Park
I watched from the 15min mark of the 3rd qtr onwards. From what I saw, Young is the only senior listed player who showed anything worth considering for senior selection. As I said earlier, the fascination with Binns is astounding, the kid is miles off as is Moir. We know Cowan can play, we saw it last year so based on his first half he may get a gig. Cincotta will come for sure unless he is injured.
Fair points GTC...agree on Young, id be picking Binns based more on last seasons form and previous games this season rather than today where he was ok in the 1st half but quiet after that.
Moir is one who I think will play better in the seniors than the VFL but he looks injured, I wouldnt pick Cowan on form and it would only be on potential, prefer Cincotta especially vs GWS who are playing a strong disciplined brand under Kingsley and as I said in another post I wouldnt want too many novice players in the one team.
With all our injuries we look a bit thin for replacements and our depth not so deep.....
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 3: Carlton vs Collingwood at Ikon Park
Cowan had his best game in VFL which is good to see.
He will get a game next week. Missing quality young AFL listed mids.. Campo boys should clear that up next season.
Moir has started his career slowly... Lemmey is showing something in Defence where Sam Durdin time could be up and Young may have received interest for his services maybe.
Campo boys are very lightly built, reckon the club might hold them back a bit, probably need to get a readymade mid or two.
Going off on a tangent here but there are a few players likely to be available on the interesting selection of names from Nick Austins old club the Dogs he would know well...Bailey Smith, Caleb Daniel and Jack McRae who I think will find new homes...Florent from the Swans and Ainsworth from GC are players I would look at as free agents along with Hayward who has been mentioned.
McCluggage and Berry from Brisbane will re-sign imo as they are a bit of a package deal, a player who I like and is less high profile is Blake Hardwick from the Hawks and would be less money given we are going to be a bit tight in the cap.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 6 2024 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs GWS
Ins Binns, Cincotta, Young.
Outs...Saad, McGovern, Pittonet
Sub O Hollands.
Id have Young in for some KP backline flexibility...Hogan and Riccardi are no mugs and Kemp will be undersized.
Newman to play on Greene, think he did the job last time....Williams wont be strong enough in the air or in the body and Id be using him in the Saad role where he can run the ball.
Id be starting Cottrell on Whitfield...
GWS will have Callan Ward back in the team to replace Coniglio after he played a blinder in his comeback game in the VFL and Id expect Haynes to replace the concussed Taylor so they are decent ins to compensate for their injuries.
Tough game but at home its the test we need to see where we are and one we should be looking forward too...reckon Charlie and Harry will be the difference with Weitering doing the job on Hogan after having a hard time with Tex Walker.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 5 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Adelaide
Fans like to gloss over that in the last few weeks we've also been using Kennedy alongside Cripps in the ruck, but that's a shock tactic, you get away with it once or twice but not more often, it ends once the opposition are alerted to it.

Of course it's only an option against select opponents and midfields.

The ruck had nothing to do with our loss yesterday, it's just fans clinging to something to blame, and a bit of opportunistic rock throwing.

Subjectively we seemed worse when TDK was on the ball, for reasons I've already outlined, and he is the more mobile option for those of you purely focussed on chains of play. But O'Brien is in his head now, and it's likely TDK will never truly better him, all we can do is find ways for TDK to break even or become useful in other areas when we oppose O'Brien.
Playing Pittonet left us a runner short vs a very pacy and youthful Crows team.....Berry really burnt us when he came on and I think there is merit in suggestring TDK probably operates better alone vs some opponents with part time help rather than combining with Pittonet. As I said I found it strange we went with two rucks vs a one ruck Adelaide.....vs the Bombers with Draper and Goldstein it makes sense but the Crows?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 5 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Adelaide
Crows had more one percenters and more uncontested possession which probably indicates they worked a bit harder for each other.
We won the clearances which probably shows you thats a tad overrated as a stat but no doubt their accuracy up forward kept them in the game and we frittered away a few chances.
re: Small forwards......Martin and Motlop being out has affected how we operate and Im sure they would have been more effective than Fantasia and Durdin who dont impact enough either getting the ball or being able to kick goals.
No need to panic as we have the answers to a few of our problems its just they are injured or the usual MC selection mistakes that get made every now and then. Not sure why we played two ruckman when Adelaide only run one in Obrien and a very novice part timer in Gollant.....
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 5 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Adelaide
Weitering will do better on Hogan than the more physical Walker and I'd expect TDK to do better vs Briggs who isnt at the same level as O'Brien.
Toby Greene will be the main problem, played on our old mate Liam Stocker vs the Saints who did a decent job on him but he doesn't play too many average games and might be due for a big one..
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 5 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Adelaide
Important players are hurt EB, not confident taking on GWS
Prof, Watched GWS play Stkilda and they just fell in with injuries to key players in Taylor and Coniglio so Im hoping their injuries balance up ours. Given the game is at Marvel I think we will rebound ok but if it had been at their home ground/s then I wouldnt be so confident.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 5 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Adelaide
Crows wanted it a bit more when it mattered and their kids stood up and they did the one per centers well.
We lacked run at the end and that scruffy dude Berry with his scruffy mate Soligo just had more run in the legs.
Cerra was a big loss for us and the Pitto/TDK twin ruck approach was ineffective. Harry and Charlie looked good at times but failed to dominate against what would would have to be the worst KP defenders in the comp in Butts and Keane.
Walker and Keays messed with us as usual and  the Crows are officially now our monkey team who we can't get off our backs. Good teams rebound so I expect more effort vs GWS and a few changes in both teams due to injuries.