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Notice Board (Visitors Enter Here) / Missing Members - 2024
It seems we've lost a few more regulars for 2024, not sure why.

Does anyone have updates on the whereabouts or circumstances of former regulars?

If nothing else, I hope they are all safe and well and enjoying the 2024 results.
The Sports Desk / Best Fast Bowlers
Interesting Hun post from Craddock, listing his Top Ten Fast bowlers of all time;

Crash's best quicks of all time

1 Malcolm Marshall (West Indies 81 Tests. 376 wickets at 20.94)
2 Wasim Akram (Pakistan. 104 Tests. 414 wickets at 23.62)
3 Dennis Lillee (Australia 70 Tests. 355 wickets at 23.92)
4 Glenn McGrath (Australia. 124 Tests. 563 wickets at 21.64)
5 Curtly Ambrose (West Indies. 98 Tests. 405 wickets at 20.99)
6 Dale Steyn (South Africa. 93 Tests. 439 wickets at 22.95)
7 Richard Hadlee (New Zealand. 86 Tests. 431 wickets at 22.29)
8 Waqar Younis (Pakistan. 87 Tests. 373 wickets at 23.56)
9 Imran Khan (Pakistan. 88 Tests. 362 wickets at 22.81)
10 Fred Trueman (England. 67 Tests. 307 wickets at 21.57)

I realise these lists are generational and personal, you can really only judge those you have seen, but I think there are a couple of potential omissions. Andy Roberts, Bob Willis, Kapil Dev, Joel Garner, James Anderson to name a few, on the above list I would probably have Hadlee and Khan higher in the list.

Fred Trueman I wouldn't rate above Willis, and having talked to some past test players many would rate John Snow ahead of them all but to be a great you also need longevity I suppose. But the title says best, and best is subjective.

Can't see how Marshall gets in ahead of Roberts or Garner, to me Roberts is the clear leader.

Khan in my eyes was better than Akram and Younis, maybe he gets a kicking for being a politician.

Kapil Dev is mighty unlucky not to be on the list, especially given he spent a career bowling on pitches that were doctored for spinners.

I'd probably have Roberts and Lillee the Top 2 slots in any order, the rest is a coin toss.
Robert Heatley Stand / Gather Rnd 2024
We've potentially got a win in the draw already.

Playing Freo in Adelaide instead of Freo in Perth is a big plus, the win assumes that we either only play Freo once or that if we play them a second time it's in Melbourne.

And it's a lot easier for home town fans to get to Adelaide than it is Perth.
Blah-Blah Bar / Weight Loss Drugs
I want to post a warning about the use of weight loss drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic. I fear we will see a spate of seemingly healthy young people dropping dead unexpectedly due to the dodgy prescriptions and black market in these weight loss drugs.

These diabetes drugs make you lose weight as a side effect, what they call an off label use.

I've read recently it's become fashionable for young girls in particular to "Shred" by injecting these drugs even though they are already thin or at a healthy weight. All of a sudden you are seeing young females with six-packs without seemingly needing to do anything to obtain them, some will perish because of this behaviour!

I was on this type of drug for an extended period after having heart surgery, they wanted me to lose weight and it did, but it was under strict supervision from an endocrinologist and a cardiologist. I'd have a suite of 34 bloods tests every 3 months.

The drugs do assist in weight loss, but they can potentially have severe side-effects, organ damage (kidney, liver, intestines(bowel)), heart issues, stroke, there is even a concern in healthy people they might trigger the very blood sugar issues they are designed to prevent in diabetes patients (So called paradoxical effect).

If you know of anyone using these drugs who are not diabetic, and as such using them to lose weight, please warn them.

There are tells those drugs are being used, the first and most obvious is what they call Ozempic Face or Wegovy Face, it sticks out like dog's balls.
Relatives who haven't seen you for a while will think you are gravely ill. This is because the drugs cause you to lose body fat everywhere not just naturally from normal fat stores, you become gaunt. Your neck, cheeks, jowls, hands, feet all lose some of the natural fat layers that usually aren't lost via healthy weight lose methods, you also lose fat layers inside you mouth, throat tongue, ears, (another side effect is that the drugs can reduce / stop sleep apnoea due to the way they cause lose of fat layers in your throat and mouth).

There are several celebrities around OZ at the moment that you'll identify this appearance in, they recently seem to have achieve extraordinary weight loss after struggling for many years with weight management. They are probably wealthy enough to have it correctly monitored with regular blood tests and check ups, but even then they are still at risk.

Another interesting observable effect is that people using the drugs no longer seem to be as sensitive to heat, in fact you feel cold even when it's warm. And you do not seem to perspire as much or like those around you in warm environments. At first this seems to be a good thing, no BO, but in fact it can lead to severe conditions because you aren't really cool, you can be overheating and not know it, so the doctors monitor you for fluid retention and the like.
Blah-Blah Bar / Reality TV
It was interesting to hear about how the secrets of Reality TV get exposed, mostly throw it's own hubris and overwhelming desire to profit from short term fame at every possible level.

It seems that one of the recently finished reality TV shows had exposed the winners name many many weeks ago, long before broadcast had even started. This occurred due to bookings appearing across the country for a speaking/publicity tour. You have no choice now but to use genuine ID, things like drivers license or passport are required for air travel and even for some accommodation. Data mining allows the Internet of Trolls to assemble(dox) potential candidates and the resulting vectors neatly identify the pre-determined results, secrets are secrets no more!
Blah-Blah Bar / The Global Economy
It's interesting how the mass media focusses on Growth and Interest rates.

I appreciate these are very important measures for some, and if you are retired you want high rates with low inflation, but the reality is growth and interest rates are only the primary focus of one version of global economics, and it's a pretty old version controlled by banks and old money. Some might claim it's a fairly myopic approach, because in reality it only measures one very narrow aspect of wealth.

While much of the world trembles and baulks at the idea of a recession, there are large regions that will sail on through "the terrors" simply because progressive leaders have already moved away from the growth model, and it seems they are killing it in terms of outperforming the rest. You don't even have to be a country to make this move, some individual states and regions have changed how they measure progress from growth, GDP and the like towards efficiency measures and they are reaping the benefit.

As I understand the problem is that the growth model is driven by greed, more sales, more widgets, more resources, more consumption means fatter wallets ............... for some. But it doesn't mean it is really more profitable, just the same percentages of a bigger number, full of all the same percentages of wasted resources as well!

The efficiency model changes from gearing wealth to the growing size of the pie, and starts making the slices go further by eliminating waste and improving efficiency. It's is a movement strongly opposed by the old world money.

The modern efficiency model is a bit like the Christian parable of "The Loaves and The Fishes."

Anyway, if the shizen is to hit the fan, I thought a venting thread might be quite useful for some! ;D
The Sports Desk / Ajla Tomljanović vs America
Well, if you have ever seen a one sided supporter base, crowd, commentators, et al., it was the Ajla Tomljanović game versus Serena.

Time stops for nobody, great career from Serena.

Great win by Ajla Tomljanovic, giant slayer.
The Sports Desk / Tour de France & TDF Femmes
Flicking channels I watched a bit of the TDF Femmes last night, it sort of exposes the elephant in the room when you discuss equal rights and prize money, etc., etc.. As much as I love to support the girls sport, the event and atmosphere was pretty ordinary compared to the men.

It's a bit sad, but I have to wonder if it wasn't law I wonder if it would even be broadcast, and I know it's just not fair, but that fact won't change what it is!

There on the avenue and almost nobody is watching!

It was like watching the stragglers at the Olympic Marathon after the party and crowd has already moved on with the winners. I have no idea how the organisers can fix that, why do they even need a separate event, can't the whole lot head off together each day on the main event?
Blah-Blah Bar / Food
I read an article at the weekend that talked about modified version of lasagne, not something I'd really thought about outside of the regular type, maybe eggplant or spinach versions. But this was more about even more alternative type fillings such as lasagnes using meat bases like Goulash, Chilli Con Carne, Stroganov, etc., etc., even some fish based versions. There was even a vegetarian lasagne with a gnocchi type filling.

Products of lockdowns perhaps?
Robert Heatley Stand / Jim Park Voting AFL Rd 3 Carlton vs Hawthorn
Quote from: crashlander
Voting is as usual: you have 15 votes to award pretty much as you will, with the following provisos:
[1] 15 votes in total, no more, no less.
[2] No more than 10 votes for any one player (even Sam Walsh or Patrick Cripps)
[3] Three players at least must get a mention.
[4] A grade for the game, A+ (what I want to see) to F-.
Forgive me for taking the @crashlander thunder, but I thought it was time to get the votes rolling.

I hope crash is all good! :)
Blah-Blah Bar / Season 2022
Dad's Army the Handbaggers have turned CheatsFC from the AFL Media's flag boosting favourites into Fubar in just a 1/2 of football!

CheatsFC have gone from Cherry Ripe to Rotten to the Core in the blink of an eye! ;D

I'm half tempted to turn it on just to watch a puddle of dreams developing right before my eyes!
The Sports Desk / Shane Warne - RIP
Speechless, he was 52!

Suspected heart attack while in Thailand!

Condolences to family and friends.