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Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
His whole political history is a prime example of this, surely ?

Yep, the evolution of empires through history, is that they get to a point where the progression ends, critical mass occurs, and then society hits the skids, class division widens until the revolution comes again, or something more drastic like wars and then a reformation begins if a conquering doesnt occur.  We are reaching that tipping point again, where the masses are getting sick of told by people who have no concept of what being a battler is, to suck it up and tighten your belts.  "let them eat cake" said Marie Antoinette.  Thats grand, but it doesnt help when you cannot feed your family, pay your electric bills, find a job, or afford to do anything but exist. 

We arent quite there yet here in the land of Aus, because we still have the capability of migration fuelling growth, but once that becomes unsustainable, look out.

Its ok, they will server their term, and ride the gravy train into retirement with a fully staffed office of 50 people, and a 400k a year pension whilst we wont even get to retire, and if we do, our means tested situation will ensure either we live off our own steam, or we get a pension that can barely afford to keep the power on where we will rug up rather than heat the house during winter.  Sounds fair.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Kick it too.......who? Our Inside 50 top targets.
The problem with those simplistic analyses is that they don’t take into account goals that aren’t scored by Charlie, Harry or Tom but are the direct result of balls kicked to them, that is, the crumbing and scrambling goals scored after a marking contest.

In fact, Charlie has kicked quite a few goals after crumbing marking contests.

One thing that has struck me this season is how often we’ve targeted players other than Charlie, Harry and Tom inside 50.   Owies with a total of 15 from both inside 50 targeted kicks and opportunistic goals is our third highest goal scorer.

Ahead of all is the cumulative total of 60 goals from kicks targeting Cripps, Cottrell, Kennedy, the Hollands brothers, Martin, Durdin, Fantasia, Hewett, Walsh, Acres, Cerra and Pittonet as well as goals arising from their crumbing and pressure applied to lock the ball inside 50.

We don’t need another forward 50 target.  We need a small forward who can make the most balls targeting our key forwards that go to ground and who can force turnovers and stoppages inside our forward 50.

we need fogarty back in and motlop is how i read this.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2024 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Gold Coast
Sportsbet  Carlton $1.41   GCS $2.92  What do they know that we don't?????
only thing that might work in our favour is that the Suns might be gassed after training in the heat.  I'm tipping against us this week even if we are favourites.   We aren't running out games well and I don't see any indication that this will improve this week.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
Sorry, I see democratic, non territorial expansionist nations as having major concerns with out friend Mr Putin and expect them to put their shoulder to the grindstone to help defend nations such as Ukraine from neighborhood bullies.
You claim to be a student of history but seem to think Putin will stop at Ukraine ? Let’s not forget Crimea, but where will he next turn his sights ?
The only way to stop your friend Mr Putin is a sword at his throat, nothing less.
History is your friend.
Why is Mr putin my friend?

What does any of this have to do with Biden vs Trump?

My argument is that the two discussions are not mutually exclusive.

I dont believe the USA will change foreign policy irrespective of who's president.

I think you guys are bonkers for thinking this could be a result, and the president is just a puppet spokesman not a dictator.

Also in closing the USA arms more people for conflict for their own profit than for any noble cause.  You could argue that all their interference in the middle east has fueled the whole reason Russia invaded the Ukraine to begin with.  Are you a student of history?  All of this is a continuation of past conflicts, not new.

Apparently external parties blew up a gas pipeline which resulted in another reason for Russia to take on Ukraine. That's from someone I know serving in HMAS services.  
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
And allowing Russia to “win” in Ukraine, how does that advance world peace ?
omg in the context of an election what difference does this make?

Do you think im saying pull out or put in?

Do you think this factor should be a reason to vote one way or the other?

I dont.  I think the USA should mind its own business and I think most people on this forum see Biden vs Trump and have extrapolated some Byzantine complex scenario where one or the other changes the fortune of that nation (which it doesnt).  No matter how much aid Ukraine gets today Russia will invade it again at any time.

These places have been in dispute for 100s of years and they will remain that way.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
They said “let him have Poland, it will make him happy and bring peace to us all” (as long as you’re not Polish…)

So we don't get confused about why I'm saying this, Trump was the first person to recognise Jerusalem as belonging to Israel.  Look how THAT turned out.

Stopping Russia in Ukraine today is not the same thing and it is no reason to sway the election.

This isn't about Ukraine it's about Russia.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 10 2024 Post Game Prognostications Carlton vs Sydney
We seem to get pinged for holding at stoppages more often than our opponents, despite being a lot less physical and blocking rather than grappling.

I know that we can’t blame the umpires for the result, and free kicks miraculously ended up at 19 apiece, but it’s where and when frees are and aren’t paid that makes a difference.

If the right decisions had been made in the first quarter, we would have had a six or seven goal lead at the first break.  That’s the kind of margin that can affect team performance.

The bottom line is that the 23 blokes we had on the park weren’t good enough … but they could have been 🤔

we somehow manage to have frees paid against us directly in front of goals but hardly ever get one ourselves.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
Without being overly dramatic...Folks probably said the same thing about Czechoslovakia and Poland in the late 1930s.
Once Ukraine is 'annexed' where to next for a Russian president who seems intent on 'returning' Russian borders to something resembling the USSR

There is a pretty good reason why we should be concerned.
There's a good reason why the American response is important...because there may come a time when we need to be concerned about the strength of our own relationship with the USA.

I didn't see anyone getting too worked up about the USA marching into Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Those are the "good guys" invading.  In war there are no good guys. Only victims.

There's the good old brand of freedom being dished out by the USA that no one cares about.  Until they do.  Ukraine or Russia makes no difference.   There is no what next. There is no slippery slope.  All there is is the next war for the next Territory or resource which will continue for eternity whilst people walk the earth.

Ukraine should have minimal impact by regime change in the states and has nothing to do with the price of fish because that war or proxy war lives and dies by NATO.  The end.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Trumpled (Alternative Leading)
But it wasn't Biden (or rather the folks looking after him) who held up the aid to Ukraine. It was the Republicans, probably at the behest of Trump who held up that aid by tying it to extracting extra concessions on other issues like the border security.
Mav warned about this when the war was in its infancy. If Trump wins you can probably kiss Ukraine goodbye. NATO wouldn't be able to rely on the USA. We'd probably need to worry about the strength of our own alliances. MAGA is an American first, isolationist movement. The security and well being of other countries doesn't really rate.

The Democrats don't get a free pass though.
If Biden's their candidate then Trump's a real chance....and that's on them.
Apart from the issues with economy, the other big issues in this election are border security and American jobs being lost to other countries. These are resonating when you hear American voters asked about the issues thaty concern them.

In the end the contest will boil down to whether the Americans would prefer a president largely controlled by his 'carers' or a president no-one is really capable of controlling.
That would seem an easy choice for us.
Apparently not so for the USA.

Why is Ukraine anyone else's problem?

Curious.   My biggest gripe with the usa is its interference in international conflict is rather self serving anyway.

I.e.  Israel in Palestine is their horse being backed so the strong condemnation isn't occurring.   Meanwhile Ukraine falling to Russia is their horse not being backed in favour of a rival so everyone must intervene. 

Ultimately in both cases they don't care about anything but their own interests. Nothing wrong with that, but let's not wax lyrically about one party or the other here and another nation and its rather unrelated geo politics.