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Re: Melbourne Storm

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Thinking about our own Walsh and Cerra returning after a brief but enforced freshen up has reminded me that Ryan "The Golden Mullet" Papenhuyzen returns for the Storm this week.

Here's a bloke who was almost impossible to mark even when he was half-busted, maybe he'll be rusty, well I'm sure the opposition hope it!

But he's under the guidance of Craig "The Greatest Sporting Bellyache Coach in Existence" Bellamy who tends to bring them in cherry ripe for an immediate impact!
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Re: Melbourne Storm

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Bellamy is a freak, anyone who watched last nights partly dead rubber would be in awe of the next generation of kids coming through under his guidance.

If you are interested in rugby at all have a look at the replay, in particular two new kids Grant Anderson and Sualauvi Fa'alogo.

Grant Anderson 16'
Grant Anderson 32'
Sualauvi Faalogo 36'
Ryan Papenhuyzen 54'
Reimis Smith 68'
Sualauvi Faalogo 72'

(Anderson could have easily bagged a hat trick if not for grazing the touch line with his first.)

Makes me wonder if one day Vic might have a State of Origin team! :o
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Re: Melbourne Storm

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You have to laugh at the NSW media trying it's best to beat up a story that Storm shopped Papenhuyzen around for trade.
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