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Topic: What a day, night and week it has been in sport... (Read 1263 times) previous topic - next topic
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What a day, night and week it has been in sport...

A finals appearance all but sealed after so many long-suffering years. The Red and Black cheats, with finals on the line, getting their pants pulled down. Should be ashamed of themselves again!  :-[
Btw, did you know it will now be 19 years in a row without a finals win after this year for them? That is also their previous longest years in a row without a premiership. Until now.  :))
Geelong are out of September, at long last. Surely. Collingwood lost last night, their wobbles are coming one month early. Could lose the minor premiership now.
What an amazing campaign by our Australian Matildas (minus the questions about the colours of their away shirts, that's another matter all-together.) But then I am also of Swedish descent. That's a win still too. 8)
Adelaide beating Sydney, for a home-final being all but certain, as well as an impossible top 4 spot by Hawthorn beating Melbourne, will make it a perfect week.