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Re: 2023: A review

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just hope winning those 2 finals game doesn't cover the cracks ,we were very LUCKY this time .To take next step need to add pace speed into the team and somehow work on transition footy over summer . I DONT want to see long bombs in 24 .
There is nothing LUCKY about what we achieved either this year or winning two finals.
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Re: 2023: A review

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It's been mentioned that we were left with too much to do too late. That's spot on. Tiredness played its part much later, but our fight cannot be faulted. We went for more shorter passes and with success quite well generally speaking, but it can't be maintained all game. The way we long bomb, as mentioned, is also correct. More 40-45m kicks or in front of the players would be the better option, as well as more consistency and danger from our smaller forwards, with all due respect to them. In saying the part about the bombs, Newman, Docherty and Saad have big kicks on them. That's not a particular concern on my behalf really. Just some more from the smaller forwards, in particular, in positions to crumb from Curnow and Harry (the former goes alright in that department).

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Another buzz word these days is connection or connectivity and often its implied that this refers to connection between lines (ie Def - Mids - Fwds). I often see a lack of connectivity between our fwds (ie talls - smalls). I feel lie they need to work on their structures and patterns as sometimes it looks bit haphazard. Thats what I reckon for what its worth.
Martin, Motlop and Owies are the types who want the ball to come to them, appear to be more your flankers, not your opportune roving types off the pack. They're okay at it, but it's not their main craft. Fogarty is excellent at pressure, but not on the scoreboard. One, or two players who wait for the ball to spill and get there first, rather than be a small-medium marking type, is what we need.

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Harry is not that aggressive, he is an angry but fair player, and opposition know it's safe to step into his way.

He needs a touch more mongrel, somebody needs to get him sorted out that AFL is not fair, and in contests like that it's either going to be him or one of them that cops a impact especially in finals! Go and watch some footage of Jack Riewoldt or Jeremy Cameron and work out why they get such clean runs, you'll see event after event of them cleaning up opponents that take the space in front of them. They cause opponents to hesitate, and that fraction of a second is enough!

Overall I thought Harry was pretty good in the Prelim, his aerobic capacity stood out, he was able to get separation from the KPDs just too far from goal to be damaging.

If anything we lacked a strategy to make space for Harry and Charlie within range of goal, which is why I assert we missed Owies who I think offers the team a smarter big picture focus.

H needs to learn that he can retire with 400 career goals or 800, if he wants the latter he needs to impose himself on the gnats that impede his run and space.
Does he want it ?
Let’s go BIG !

Re: 2023: A review

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H needs to learn that he can retire with 400 career goals or 800, if he wants the latter he needs to impose himself on the gnats that impede his run and space.
Does he want it ?
It's the million dollar question!

The answer is the brutal difference between a Lockett and a Ditchburn, it could be the difference between Sticks and Harry.

AFL is a brutal industry, you need to brutally push the limits to make it to the top of the tree.
The Force Awakens!