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Energy Flowing at Carlton

A couple of articles on the club website give an indication that the team is on a bit of a high at present...and ready to go in 2024

"We’ve had two years now of everything stable off-field: the coaching group has been really stable, so we’re coming into an environment that on day one of pre-season, it’s not like the first day of school,” he said.

“You just know what to expect, the standards have been set and we feel like it’s flowed on from last season.”

While senior players weren’t expected back as early as the younger ones, Cripps said it was an unspoken commitment to come back and train as soon as possible.

“Stability has been great – last year we showed resilience and I think having the same coaches and same playing group staying together helps us through the ups and downs of the season.

“We feel like we’re a really resilient group because of it. We’re trying to continue to build that connection and get stronger.”

...seem to be the buzz words.

Of course the real test is still to come but there seems to be a real positivity about the place and a sense of unity and common purpose and message.

Re: Energy Flowing at Carlton

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Propoganda machine in full force at this time of the year.

For once, it may actually be true.

One thing for sure is, we have been needed stability for the better part of 2 decades now, and someone manage to screw it up with nobody to blame but ourselves. Lets continue down this path for a while longer.