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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 12 2023 Pre Game Prognostications Carlton vs Melbourne
Apart from Pittonet, I'm not too sure the injuries hurt us too much....assuming Cripps and Kennedy play. That still gives us a midfield with Cripps, Kennedy, Cerra and Walsh.....and Docherty can play midfield at times to cover Hewett? Down back I can see Cincotta or Cowan coming in for Newman and Boyd staying back to play on one of their smaller forwards. Binns probably takes Holland's spot and Fisher replaces Durdin.

Based on his game in the VFL last week, Silvagni comes back in anyway but is it to play back up ruck....or do they play Young or even look at Mirkov this week?

Tend to agree, Wave Rider, re replacements for injured players.

Going by Vossy's impressive media stuff today, it would seem that JSOS will assume 2nd ruck duties.

Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2023 Post Game Postulations Carlton vs Sydney
Indeed. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

My guess of the mystery component has something to do with fun. When there's a sort of harmony within the club. So that all individuals feel safe, valued, and strongly committed to the greater good. Where all individuals are well matched to their very clear goals. Where performance is reviewed regularly with transparency, learning focus, and clear process forward.

Of course the bringing together of those individuals is the most important process of all. Ok. I'm just dreaming now. Guess that's my way of coping with another disappointment 😞

Go Blues

Love this, LN.

Whoever is in charge of our between the lugholes stuff is failing, badly, to unite and create a team dynamic. Probably doing well in the creation of model citizens, but failing to bring forth the bold warrior within each, wanting and willing to really hurt for his mates.

Mentally, we're a dog's breakfast. No shared team clarity of purpose, leadership, discipline and ruthlessness.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2023 Post Game Postulations Carlton vs Sydney
Before we go making wholesale changes to the list, I'd be leaving no stone unturned trying to get the mental aspects sorted out. The Richmond boys have waxed lyrical about Emma Murray, the Tigers current / former? sports psychologist, who they credit as having a big impact on their success.

Well said, Pauly. Emma understood how warriors need to be warriors but need that 'something' that created unity of purpose, a clearly defined common cause. Singing from the same hymn book.

Our 'head space' is all over the shop... consequence? No confidence, second guessing each other, cautious, individual.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2023 Post Game Postulations Carlton vs Sydney
Clarification: I am not in the 'sack Vossy' camp. No. Despite some of his shortcomings game day. He needs better support... strategic, experienced, game day support.

Definitely not in the drop H camp. Would be the worst thing to do. He'll get through this slump... should swallow his pride and let Fev down to help him out. When in a slump, accept quality support and direction.

Things can turn around quickly.

The forced changes for next week will be a blessing in disguise. Cincotta for Newman will be a no brainer. Dow must get a gig (for Hewett). Binns for Hollands. Sorry but Ed needs to go as well, his disposal is dispiriting. Fisher has earned a recall.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 11 2023 Post Game Postulations Carlton vs Sydney
Horse did a number on Vossy in the coaching box. Vossy is too often out coached - lacks imagination, strategic boldness and adaptability.

Confidence is rooted. Tried to be more attacking, but with stuffed confidence just continued to make breathtaking mistakes... which only further erodes confidence - vicious cycle. (Eg H).

Poor on-field and off-field leadership. We have the players but they're being poorly led - the proof is on the paddock. The imperative between the lugholes stuff is just not be addressed, fed and given meaningful direction. Our blokes are not enjoying their footy.

Visionless MC. If Lloyd had any integrity he'd resign, now - lack of player development and leadership is an embarrassment. Need a Balme type running the footy department.

We are a bottom 6 side who give great effort but are rudderless.