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Robert Heatley Stand / Reserves Scratch Match V Geelong
Haven't been able to find much information on this match. Do we know what time the game is commencing? Likewise who is on the field and who might being held back for the  main game!  Guess any sort of commentary or even scores is unlikely.   

We seem to be in a football world of "minimal information" for the masses.    Looked earlier to see who our emergencies are for the tonight, but couldn't locate any reference.

Perhaps someone is perched "up in a tree" overlooking Kardinia oval  ;)  and can shed some light!

Cheers for now
Robert Heatley Stand / Reserves scratch match V Geelong Sat 20 June
Haven't located any details of what time this game was dues to commence.
Likewise it would be interesting to know who is on the field and who has been held back for the main game.
The general lack of information for supporters seems to extend to not naming emergencies.
Guess any sort of commentary or even score updates is unlikely.   Unless we have someone "up a tree" overlooking Kardinia ::)

Cheers for now