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The Sports Desk / NBL Finals
Probably not a lot of interest in basketball on this forum but I'm a keen fan of the sport and this NBL season has been special with a start up team from Tassie making the Grand final series.
The Jackjumpers are a team of odds and ends with a couple of no name imports that have defied logic by first making finals and then defeating Melbourne United the previous championship winning team who are star studded and who had a serious size advantage. Coached by an ex NBA vet named Scott Roth they played a high pressure, take no prisoners brand that was relentless in defense, manning up and reduced the highly talented Melbourne team to their level and won their way through to the GF. It was a coaching masterclass in getting the best out of your team with every player given free reign to play their own game within the team plan.
My point being that those same principles can be taken across to the AFL and there is no reason why we can't make the GF this year if we can apply sustained pressure and the coaching staff can instill that winning belief in every player.
The JJs began badly as well and were 2 wins from 6 games from memory so they
did it the hard way..
Blah-Blah Bar / Crypto
Looks like the bean counters at CBA couldnt resist the temptation any longer and are going to offer Crypto services to customers.
CBA reported that it is partnering with global crypto exchange Gemini and leading blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis to provide the mechanics to make it happen. From here I guess the other mainstream banks will join the party and offer same.
For me its gambling not investing but with CBA onboard it will give it some credibility and that means more mainstream suckers will part with their money trying to make a quick buck. Of course the Banks will suggest its a legit currency and offer customers the chance to make ordinary transactions/payments via Crypto accounts to make it more appealing to average joes and probably offer some incentives but I'm sure there will be a sting from the bank when you try and convert your Crypto into real bank dollars somewhere along the line. For those who want a less volatile investment on Crypto they might want to look at an ETF like Betashares(Crypt) which will hold companies delivering the technology that drive the sector rather than the currency itself.
Crypto market is meant to have market capital at about 2.5 trillion bucks so its no surprise that banks like CBA see a few dollars to be made by offering suckers the means to trade it...
Blah-Blah Bar / Influencers
Maybe its because I'm getting older and set in my ways but this term " influencer" and the social media scene is doing my head in especially with the amount of money they are making usually by the advertising that is pumped through their channels depending on how many subscribers or should I say dopes who follow their rubbish.
eg I was looking for some financial information on the share market and came across these kids who promote themselves as investing experts....100k subscribers and these kids are earning 36k a month for finance tips and education courses they have developed which you could get out of a Warren Buffet book from the library for free with minimal effort, one had zero qualifications in the field and the other 2 years of a degree that he quit.
I have seen all these other " influencers" promoting  weight loss methods, beauty tips, finance scams all the way through to following their daily life especially what they are having for dinner etc....
Does anyone want to work a proper job anymore or do they just want a buy a video camera, a mic, some editing software and produce copious amounts of trash to flood the internet with?
Then there is this Patreon service where your subscribers pay you money to essentially fund this rubbish they are producing separate to their social media advertising income.
There seems no laws governing the BS these influencers can put out, some of its just dangerous and could seriously injure people both physically, financially and personally...

Blah-Blah Bar / Yarra Valley Water..Dont Drink
Storm has damaged the chlorination process at Silvan Dam and the water is unfit to drink....boil water first and then cool before drinking. Affects folk in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne....
Blah-Blah Bar / Mick vs Kochie
David Koch pulling the racist card against Mick Malthouse who wants to scrap the Port AFL game/s in China due to the communist regime's lack of accountability over the Pandemic.
Koch is leveraging his argument with the economic rationale of we need China as a business partner and that Mick should bring back the White Australia policy given his views...a very cheap shot from Koch.

I'm with Mick on this one....Koch is of course thinking with his Port cap on and wanting a quick buck as well as probably protecting the value of his A2 Milk equities(assumption he holds) etc etc and other business interests.
Micks questioning the Chinese regime is fair enough IMO and I see no need to play games there now or in the future and that Koch is totally out of line with his cheap attack which took MM's comments out of context.
I'd expect Koch to be flying Twiggy airlines soon and building a theme park at Alberton.....
Blah-Blah Bar / CV and mad panic behaviour
Mrs E and myself went to do our regular shopping and found ourselves in a frenzied shopper assault on consumables with people turning feral over a pack of toilets rolls. A new trolley load of Toilet paper appeared in the supermarket aisle and the Coles staff member was virtually pushed out of the way as he tried to put all the packs on the shelves. He gave up and left them on the trolley for the feral masses to fight over. I thought CV was a respiratory disease not a bowel complaint......????
No toilet paper in the mens either, all been taken....
Think I'll be doing online shopping...
Blah-Blah Bar / GM to dump Holden
Looks like long suffering Holden owners/fans are to be dealt another blow with GM about to sell off Holden to Inchcape Australia who are importers of such crap boxes like Peugeot, Citroen and I think they are also the importer for Subaru.
Fair chance the Holden name will disappear and be replaced by the Opel name only and Inchcape's main interest must be to use the Holden distribution network to flog more Subaru's and save some money...cant see why anyone would want Holden on their books.
Inchcape will probably import the Opel range only or even kill off Holden for good........not that killing off Holden for good is such a bad thing, lousy cars, worst customer service along with Ford in Aus......actually Fiat/Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep is slightly worse again... My sympathies if you own any vehicles from those makers......
The Sports Desk / Boomers vs Philippines ...
Check this out:

Boomers v Philippines basketball game, seen a few decent brawls locally but nothing like this, players, officials, spectators...
Started with some pre game carry on, some banner getting broken then with the locals getting well beat they decided to go the knuckle on Chris Goulding who had been smart mouthing a few of the opposition....Dan Kickert then stepped in with a shocking elbow to the head of the  agressor and then it was like a bar-room brawl...Nathan Sobey who has a head you would like to punch and a Hayden Ballantyne type persona then was attacked by about everyone including a local official who could throw a punch at him including chairs getting thrown etc...Sobey didnt actually do anything but was just targeted. He wasnt in a good way as were several of the aussies who needed to be helped off the court.
Thon Maker of NBA fame decided he would add some comedy by entering the fray in a Bruce Lee manner by leaping around trying to high kick the opposition but failed to lay any boot on anyone and looked very comical in the process...
Ended with only three local players on the court as the rest had been ejected......they had a couple of big American lads who tried to lay haymakers on our blokes but like their basketball proved too slow to connect with much...

Was a real bad look for the sport and the Philippines should be a no go zone for visiting teams as it isnt safe and the officials running the game there need banning as well as half their team...and just to top it off the Philippines team then all posed for a courtside selfie on social media...very happy with their days work :o
The Sports Desk / One day squad..No Maxwell????
The Aus selectors have confirmed Glen Maxwell is on the outer not through poor form on the field but poor form in the dressing room by leaving him out of the ODI squad.
They have to be kidding?..Chris Lynn is in but cant field properly due to injury, Maxwell is probably the best fielder in the country and has been in ok form in the Big Bash.
Steve Smith has said Maxwell has to train smarter....???........ok Smith and the inner circle dont like him but that doesnt mean he gets left out when his form warrants selection and then give a BS random excuse saying he has to train smarter....
The Sports Desk / World Cup 2015
Nice start from Aus with a demolition of regular easybeats England.......great start from Mitch Marsh with 5 wickets and Aaron Finch flayed the English attack with
a great 130 odd, he had support from the under pressure Bailey and the very inventive Glen Maxwell.
Steve Finn took a Claytons hat trick from the last three balls of the Aus innings and the jockey size James Taylor made 98 not out before the umpires robbed him off the opportunity to make a century by incorrectly giving Anderson out off a dead ball which they said was live...most junior cricketers would know that rule...

New Zealand flogged Sri Lanka and appear with us as the team to beat...their swing bowling attack is very suited to their home conditions and they have some real
heavy hitters ...Corey Anderson plays like David Warner and probably hits the ball harder, the wily old Dan Vettori keeps on keeping on and is still a fine bowler.
Brendan McCullum has taken his game to a different level over the last few seasons and is probably on a par with Adam Gilchrist  in terms of output.....
Cant wait for the Aus vs NZ game..

South Africa beat the Zimbabs.....easy in the end but they dont give me the impression they are the real deal...were 4 for 80 and were saved by the impressive David Miller and JP Duminy who both score tons and 340  was always going to be too many to chase.

India are currently flogging Pakistan much to the delight of their supporters who have turned out on mass in Adelaide and are making as much noise as I have heard at
a cricket game.....Kholi another hundred and is a gun player who thrives in the big games but will need support to get India over the line come finals time IMO...

Cant believe I am reading that Mitch Marsh might be the man to have to make way for Michael Clarke to return to the team....Bailey would be my choice to leave out....
Watto made another duck and his bowling was only average...think he has three zero scores from his last five one dayers vs England....but if Marsh goes out we need his bowling. The Bangers are next up I think and you would expect Watson to make runs...

Blah-Blah Bar / Bali 9 thoughts
Interested to know where everyone stands regarding the impending potential execution of the two leaders of the now infamous Bali 9.
I have tried to put myself in both camps....those supporting their execution and those supporting life imprisonment or a similar severe sentence and the suffering their
families are going through now and maybe after if it all takes place.

When I break it all down I see the impact those drugs might have had on other children and their families, then I am of the view that that these offenders knew the risks
and had no qualms about dealing drugs and the damage they would cause to others and I feel the Indonesians have the right to dispense justice in their own country when all the warnings were there but were ignored.
If you want to try and get rich at the expense and misery of others then you take your chances and pay the price when caught...
Blah-Blah Bar / Adam Goodes,unhappy Australian of the Year
Adam Goodes says the country of Australia is founded on Lies.....not happy with Capt James Cook either and wants to change the school curriculum.
Generally seems to be a unhappy Australian and not enjoying his life at the minute, I understand he sees himself as a campaigner for anti-racism and I dont have a problem with that but I thought he might adopt a more positive approach and use his position to promote the positives of the country to overcome racism.Some people will view his comments about Capt Cook as anti white racism...better the school curriculum tell the whole story about our indigenous history as well as Cooks landing....
Like to see Adam appreciate what he has and what this country offers and while not perfect its not a bad place to live.....

The Sports Desk / NBA Finals...Spurs beat Heat(Hooray)
Ok so not many Basketball fans out there and with the world cup on even less interest I guess.... but I'm a massive NBA fan and the Spurs are my team
and finally have put the Miami Heat away after last years heartbreaking loss.

Our own Patty Mills has been a star and can claim to be a genuine NBA good player...even Lebron and crew rate him and thats high praise.
Patty isnt very big either and wouldnt be much above 6ft so its a case of skill and speed making up for a lack of height which proves you can make it in any sport
if you are good enough.

Spurs batted deep with a good bench which is what our own Carlton have to do and have players step up to cover injuries.....if you dont have depth in any team sport you
are found out and I think the Spurs win shows even with ageing stars if you bring in role players and have depth you can challenge for titles.

Ok back to the World Cup.....