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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: VFL 2024 Rd 13 Carlton vs Southport at Carlton
Our intensity and defensive game was on the money... early. Of the AFL listen players, Billy W., Motlop, Marchbank and Carroll were busy... early. For mine, and being harsh, the only blokes who put their hands up were Billy (hope nothing serious with his injury) and maybe Motlop (for Durdin as sub, maybe). Can't see Marchbank squeezing out any of our present back seven. Good to see Cooper L making his debut - workman like, but no doubt needs more time to show his wares.

Once our intensity dropped away, along came the overgrown Sardines.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 15 2024 Post-Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Twelve individual goal kickers, four of whom kicked multiple goals including Charlie’s handful.  That’s a damn good effort particularly against a team that beat us earlier in the season.

We’re going OK when the midfielders, defenders and ruck are kicking goals.

Oh, has anyone mentioned that we won by ten goals? 😇

Chris Scott really didn’t have an alternative to acknowledging how well we played but I think that he may have been just a little stunned when he fronted his presser.

Or that we kicked 9 goals in the last qtr!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 15 2024 Post-Game Prognostications Carlton vs Geelong
Now that is what 'hunting' looks like. The Fluffballs brought their best, but we just wouldn't let them play their natural game.

Definitely our most complete game under Vossy. But it has been building since the Fluffy Ducks gave us a hiding, and regaining important personnel.

I watched the Scott media conference and didn't hear anything surreptitious, just an honest appraisal of a dominant opponent in full-flight.

Bravo to the coaching group, not only for this game but how we've embraced creative, even bold, personnel change/use - Cincotta, (sticking with) Cowan, Williams and TDK solo rucking.

I thought Fantasia justified his place last night. His best effort for the year.

So who loses their place to Cerra, Cotters, Martin and Motlop?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 13 2024 Post Game Celebrations - Carlton vs Essendon
The skill is with the human, the human who knows how to interpret data/stats, before during and after a game. And is able to factor in the human elements - intuition, attitude/emotion assessments, good knowledge of the physical attributes of his / her chargers and so on.

You can have the best data/stats in the world, but if the interpreter of that information is a clown... trouble.
You can have unreliable, even ordinary data/stats, but with a superior interpreter/operator... in with a chance.
Bad data/stats, d*ckhead interpreter (egocentric?)... big trouble.
Great data/stats, superior interpreter/operator... lookin' good!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 13 2024 Post Game Celebrations - Carlton vs Essendon
The most important stat from the Essendon game (and all games for that matter) is the Points For v the Points Against. Carlton 96 to Essendon 70 is what I care most about. Everything else can be read in many ways to suit anyone and many times will just muddy the water.

And there you have it, DBS.

There is a definite trend to the importance of efficiency. Often we'll see not a great difference in stats, or even the winning side not dominant in the stats, even losing supposed important stats, yet the more efficient side could win by five goals.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: State Elections

One of the big reasons kids and young couples can't get homes these days is because Kennett filled the pockets of Landlords with government funded cash to house all the inmates he had kicked out of the asylums.

You hit the nail on the head, Spotted One, with this important fact.

The terrible impact Kennett had on mental health in this state cannot be understated. By closing so many mental health facilities for serious conditions he created a hell on Earth for many families. Released into 'family care' these deeply ill individuals -- schizophrenia, psychosis, severe personality disorders etc. -- these families were left to manage deeply damaged/ill folks without any training or knowledge of how to treat the condition, whatsoever.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 13 2024 Post Game Celebrations - Carlton vs Essendon
Tackle stats are a double edged sword and largely meaningless without context, they can mean someone is hanging back hunting the player instead of being focussed on the ball, or they can mean they are first to the ball and being tackled themselves rather than making tackles.

So high numbers can be bad and low numbers can be good, or the reverse, it depends on all the other aspects of play.

Yep, Spotted One.

Let's use Cincotta as an example. Tackle numbers low against Merrett and co. But how many times did he dislodge the aggot from an opponents grip or arms? How often did he prevent his opponent getting the Sherrin due to excellent body position? How many times in a tussle at ground level did he knock the pill out and to a team mates advantage?
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: AFL Rd 13 2024 Post Game Celebrations - Carlton vs Essendon
TDK didn't put on a tackle - he did alot right but his tackling game went AWOL cant give him BOG his endeavour was first class but tackling intent was pretty low I reckon. He has and does and should do much better next time around.

Love your work, Fine Wine. But on this one I reckon you missed the boat. As DJC and 3 Leos mentioned above, TDK is a beast for attacking the aggot. He's an initiator. That spoil to prevent a goal was worth ten tackles. And how many times does he follow up his own work in an attacking manner? Going along beautifully is TDK.