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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: R22 Carlton vs CheatsFC Pre Game
We must play our game, regardless. We must absorb their emotional bursts.

This is a final. We must know that because for them it is a final & statement (of their loyalty to bla bla & bla) they will be sacrifice everything.... and they will play, as such. But maybe they won't. Maybe Bomber will take the reigns and instil Pussy Cat attitude?

We shouldn't waste energy trying to get into their heads with sledging - that's a serious waste of energy. All our energy must be focussed on winning every contest... nothing will defeat them more than an opponent that is clinical and persistent in its application and indifferent to their situation. We must go into this game with a focus about how to beat the very best EFC. We must.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: R22 Carlton vs CheatsFC Pre Game
I think in the two games we lost to Fremantle & the Bulldogs we have had one too many defensive midfielders and not enough ball winners. Having an extra ball winner, improving the accountability of the players and moving Gibbs forward really helped the functioning of the team. I think Cachia has had a really good year but for team balance he is the one who will miss out in the short term, especially with Curnow playing well. I hope we can make the finals and then we can use Judd as our substitute. That would be a real weapon rather than the juiced up weapon the Bummers have been using.

Good gear.

We were too defensive. Totally agree re Cachia his improvement but gave so little the other way.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Karma
The Karma thing is ok but you should be able to see on particular posts who gave it a like or dislike. It stops people abusing the system I think.

Can't believe that just because LR didn't like it that he seeked, then it was taken down. He's not that much of a prima donna surely.

Exactly my point. Anyone with a personal vendetta could hide behind the system. I saw PI2C go from about 11 to minus 2 in one day and yet his posts were fair and reasonable.

I didn't hit the 'dislike' once. And if I liked, I let the person know by post and PM.

I'm just a big fan of transparency... much like J. Hird  >:D
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Karma
Glad its gone. Gimmick. And actually had nothing to do with the idea of karma.

If you dislike something someone has said, have the nads to tell them and why in a reasoned way and expand on your opion. Ditto if you like, tell them why and maybe expand on it.

Good decision.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: R22 Carlton vs CheatsFC Pre Game
Let's hope all this PR spin about the AFL backing down doesn't spur them on against us. Hopefully MM will have the boys prepped for whatever the Scum dish out.

Good point... could give them the encouragement they need. All the more important for us to be ruthlessly focussed, like it's the only game that matters, and in some respects, that is true.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: R22 Carlton vs CheatsFC Pre Game
We must be hard and accurate with disposals from the get go. Relentless and quick with everything we do. The doubt they have in their drug filled heads must be got to all day. If they get a sniff those naughty little drugs can kick in to their benefit!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Baby Blues vs. Werribee at Visy on Sunday 18th Aug
Want to change Yarran's present state of mind? Throw him down back.

Yep and release Gibbs to the guts.

Now we're talkin'. Yazz is just too lazy to be a forward... but down back he MUST work, and everyone benefits. Plus it'll improve his currency when we trade him at year's end.  >:D
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Baby Blues vs. Werribee at Visy on Sunday 18th Aug
I would happily have either ROK or Ellard ahead of Yarran in a make or break game.

Now that is plain silly!


Not so, Airborne Lad  :). In a make or break game I'd much rather have a bloke who will put his body on the line; who can be trusted in the trenches/serious heat and has a football brain.... Yazz, in his present state of mind, aint gonna delivery that.

On the surface of it, ROK looks to be a bad investment owing to his body troubles. But looking deeper they seem to be behind him, at long last.

I don't think anyone is recommending him on just one game. Except for yesterday I've seen his games this year since returning and he has improved each time, so I wasn't surprised at his best for us yesterday.

At 6' 3" in the old and close to 90kgs, he provides real grunt around the contest. Plus he can be played off HB as well as mid-field. For a comparison, he's a little like Dinger for grunt/tough stuff but has excellent defensive skills, a footy brain, excellent disposal and attitude. Worth another chance and definitely should replace Boots or Yazz for our next game. :)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: RD 21 : Blues Torture Tigers (Tiger-Taming Tweets)
I said to a mate before the game started that we are horribly out of form, lost a lot of players through injury, including JUDD and the tiggers are essentially the opposite - in form, fit and firing.
As a result there is absolutely no logical reason why we should even come close to them.....and thats why i tipped us.

It makes no sense, yet perfect sense. Expect the unexpected with us.

Bombers are are going into an irrecoverable nose dive and we have turned things around playing the best game for the year. All signs look good for we will probably lose. :???:

That being said, we were great yesterday and had very few passengers on the day. Everyone put in and worked well as a TEAM. If we continue to do that, then we will embarrass quite a few supposed quality teams.

Special mention to Curnow who will mostly go unnoticed for his terrific efforts on Cotchin. Flogged him.
Plenty of other winners across the board, but think it started with him.

Don't think it went unnoticed, K.RUDDS, media singing his praises today. Did a bit the other way as well, just to rubb salt into the Crotch.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Queen (The Band) - Fan or Foe ??
Loved them. Serious talent.

Back in my broadcasting days, we used to love playing 'We Are The Champions' because when you were cueing it up -- back in those days it was vinyl on felt -- you'd get, "I paid..." then backwards it sounded like, "Get F*cked". Yes, amused by the simple things in life then...

LR... there is something seriously disturbing about your avatar, on many levels ;)