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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Best 22 for 2014
Kruezer and. Warnock should never under any condition be allowedto play in the same team.neither can play forward on a consistent level.Warnock cannot run jump or mark the ball and as a ruck man he may get tap outs but how many to advantage .A nd if they both play in the same side our interchange becomes one man down.Kruezer is the better all round player and we should be using him with cas or Rowe as the back ups.I also think that blokes like Bell ,cas,Watson menzal should be played for the first 6 or 7 weeks and told before the season starts that's how long they have to prove themselves and not dropped after  1 or 2 games as until we can replace the likes of arm field and curnow and the likes with genuine footballers we will not win a flag.The last thing we can afford to do is go into games negative with the likes of curnow armfield carrots  ellard in the same team.There is only room for one tagger type player and that should be carrots or curnow.
Like it or not at least it's my opinion

Good on you, Slugger. You raise relevant issues and I bet the club is working hard on all of them.

There were signs late last season that 206 was doing more around the ground... and he kicked the first of the our first final!!! Likewise Kreuz was doing more around the ground and realising that he had to mark the aggott up forward and kick goals.

And, Mate, our midfield I suspect will be quite different this year... I wouldn't be surprised if Ellard finds it very hard to get a gig, and maybe Armfield as well.

Like your opinions, Slugger. :)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Predictions: 2014 Edition
Finishing Position: 4th
Carlton B&F: Murphy
Runner up B&F: Thomas
Highest Goal Scorer: Casboult
Games Jarrad Waite plays: 14
Retirees: Scotland
Delistees: Temay
Traded:: Gibbs (forced), Bootsma, Lucas, McInnes, White, Ellard.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Edelstens Divorce
Just never looked right, that union. Not sure that in the natural order of things hyenas are meant to marry plump shih tzus.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Curnow Ranked 2nd Best Tagger in AFL
Stats are hugely influential in terms of directing us to our deficiencies. And strengths. Yet the human element and all its nuances, cannot be measured.

As a devoted supporter yet stats novice I do recall examining all the available figures in the Sunday Sun in the mid 80's.

To this day I recall, accurately, that our side (under Walls) consistently (against top sides) recorded less possessions etc but continued to win. He tought efficiency. Stats said we should lose.... often. Reality was that we won.

The Sports Desk / Re: Big Bash Competition
I love Dean Jones... but can I suggest that if he played a heap of 20/20 games and was considered to be one of our best ever 20/20 batsman of all time he would be all over it like a cheap suit? Deano loves to talk about Deano.

And Baggers... you can have a little bit of everything. Best to alternate on a daily basis.

I'll give it a go... "Mrs Baggers, Bear said we have to try different things on a daily basis. You might want to wear your glasses today." 8)
The Sports Desk / Re: Big Bash Competition
Still not into this comp. Was novel early on but it is another game altogether... not cricket but some cricket/baseball/boxing mutation.

I'm with Dean Jones (see today's article in The Age). There is no doubting that the 20 is entertaining but for those of us raised on test cricket... one dayers are way in front in terms of 'faster'.

Maybe, just maybe those of us who are 'older' prefer 'gratification delay' whereas our younger generation has been raised on 'instant gratification'.

Summary - I prefer life with foreplay. Some prefer the 'shoot' straight up, rather than the strategy that got them there.  ;) ;) 8) :-*
The Sports Desk / Re: Soccer fans' behaviour
Typical Tony Abbott. All bark, no bite. If you're going to be so vocal about an issue, have some policy plans in place to reinforce it. Otherwise he's no better than us dorks on an internet forum blueing about such a thing.

Tony has a plan, it is the same plan for everything!

Tony's Front Bench


He's already stopped them, GozzMan... haven't you heard??? Numbnuts (Abbott) has realised that if you don't talk about the boats then they've obviously stopped. F*cking genius.

He'll probably apply the same brilliant strategy in regard to the debt... don't talk about it and ...voila... debt erased.

Where do we get these clowns from? Seems his tactics have raised the ire of the United Nations. Ripper. Wonder who else he will offend, baffle, disappoint, delude, con and sicken before this month is up!!!

Hilarious that he calls himself a Christian yet his best buddy (Rupert) is the antichrist and his other buddy (Brandis) is chief advisor to Satan... so it has been reported / said. :)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Best 22 for 2014
He tried and then he busted his shoulder.

Spot on, that's what was said to him prior to him going in for that ball and breaking his shoulder. I just don't think he's made for the tough stuff, in the few occasions he goes in hard he cops it just like the Dawks game last year.

The timing just keeps working against him. Maybe Cripps, Robinson and Bell need to be in the squad for the tough stuff. They are bigger so it will be executed by them with less damage to their bodies. I hope Murphy getting injured in the past doesn't make him soft though. We need a tough captain, or give his role to a player that can handle a knock or two. Not the type that breaks bones though.

Pretty sure Murph will never be soft. As per usual during our 'black' period, when we recruited top players we expected the world from them. Too much. But I really believe this is being addressed. Murph is just too small to be crunching his body against blokes 10 kgs heavier.

You're right, Green Stick, it's time for the bigger bodied mids to do the grunt work... I still believe Murph would be a class small forward who goes into the guts when needed.

He is a tough skipper... but his real his skill!

With a proper pre season I suspect we will see really good things from Murph (provided he doesn't try to do what someone 95kgs should be doing!!).