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Re: VFLW 2023

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Pity we got flogged. A real disappointment after some very good weeks.
Not sure if its my poor attempt at humour, or everyone being conditioned to autocorrect (or both) but i was attempted to point out that there was 2 'Keeleys' in the same line. Skepper and Sherar.  :-[

But yes, disappointing result.

Was just checking up on our results overall.

Lost to Cats by 1 point (who sit top)
Beat the borough by 24 points (who sit 2nd)
We are 3rd

Flogged Kangas who are 6th
Flogged Bombers who are 8th.
Then we get flogged by 10th.....out of 12.

If thats not bad enough, Round 6 and we are playing agaisnt the borough....again!

Not sure i understand the logic of either the result, or the fixture.

Re: VFLW 2023

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This week we play Casey on Saturday at 1415 at Carlton.

B: M. Hendrie (14), T. Kolevski (28)
HB: L. Hosking (3), G. Lawson-Tavan (10),  B. Gurr (9)
C: M. Anthony (38), K. Sherar (32), K. Skepper (30)
HF: A. Thorneycroft (27), M. Austin (25), E. Wood (11)
F: M. Cowan (26), J. Good (19)
R: E. Hurley (18), A. Klingbeil (1), M. Di Cosmo (20)
INT: O. Di Donato (31), I. Khoury (5), C. Wrigley (34), I. Milford (39), G. Tait (29)
EMG: R. Watts (35), M. Runting (8 ), K. Lennox, B. Unthank

INS: T. Kolevski, G. Tait, J.Good, M. Cowan

OUTS: T. Nicolaou (inj), K. Lennox, L. Beatty, C. Bain (inj)

Hope we do a bit better this week.
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Re: VFLW 2023

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Didn't get to watch it, but looks like a good finish to win against one of the competitions lower sides.

Stat wise Sherar must have been an arm and leg ahead of the rest.
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