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Re: Does anyone have access to advanced stats?

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Thats not what you wrote in THIS discussion, but you've written it elsewhere, or is that not true?
No it's straight out wrong what you've posted, so show us the evidence that proves otherwise or wear the tag?

After the disappointing loss it's easy to post provocative or emotional stuff that has no basis, I know your hurting, one of your faves got it in the neck, and we lost. But that doesn't give you the right to misrepresent what people post on the discussions held about rules, tactics, players or stats.

You know as well as any, probably better than most, that I'm 100% pro-ruck, a ruck booster in fact, yet in a moment of emotion you chose to claim the very opposite. It's wildly inaccurate about me, and says far more about you, so my advice is you give it a rest.
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