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Blah-Blah Bar / 9/11 Debate
From that list, I singled this one out and used science as went is different.

It's easy to lump all the eggs in the same basket with the heading conspiracy theory.

It's harder to look into things and think for yourself.
Science calls BS on 9/11!

If the US weren't so focussed on themselves they would realise that their 'story' has more holes than a fly screen and the rest of the world is starting to see through it.

Richard Gage represents approx. 3,400 architects, globally, not satisfied with the official explanation of 9/11.
Blah-Blah Bar / General Discussions
I wanted to comment on something and found no thread that was suitable and thought perhaps we need a thread for general, random discussion... ones that cannot and do not fit under any other heading/thread.

Just wanted to say how much I was enjoying the Zac D and Ross L discussions on the AFL website. Really good value and deeply authentic communications between the two. Insightful.
Blah-Blah Bar / Christmas / NY
Just wanted to start a thread to wish all on this site, and visitors, all the very best for a safe and joyful holiday season.

Also, if you want, I and I assume others, might be interested in knowing what some of us are getting up to over the break.

First Christmas in ages that Mrs Baggers and I are taking it easy. Just the two of us on Christmas day and lots of visitors over the following week. Besides, the home renovation is now in the home stretch and I'm keen to finish it... and if I don't complete Mrs Baggers' timber outdoor setting there'll be 2/3rds of a pawnbrokers sign over our front door.

Cheers and very best folks...

Robert Heatley Stand / 2019 & 2020 Thoughts
2019 Positives & Negatives:
On field:

Players who delivered, consistently: Cripps, E Curnow, Gibson, Jones, Newman, Simpson, Thomas, Walsh (Murphy later in the year).

Biggest disappoint(s) when compared to pre season expectations: Dow, Cuningham (the King Of Cameos), Fisher, Garlett, Pickett, Kennedy, Lang, McGovern (until fitter!!!!), Polson.     Northern Blues.

Surprise packet(s): Newman, Walsh.

DCMs: Garlett, Lang, Macreadie, Polson.

Sign him up for more years, now: Cripps.

We need/get him/them: Gun mid, gun small forward.

Off field:
Most encouraging activity/results: Membership and Member initiatives. Club’s involvement in community. Getting The Terrier to the club and now the Hawthorn psychologist as well. DT appointment.

Biggest disappointment (s): Bolton’s performance and subsequent removal & Board slow to react to BBs removal. Dow and Fisher failing to improve as hoped/expected. Obviously, injuries to key personnel. Judd embarrassing the club with foolish and ill-considered public comments.

We need/get him/her/them: New coach for the Northern Blues, DT gets the assistants he wants. More involvement from past champs… should be regular visitors to the club.


Acceptable minimum wins: 11.

Players MUST: start well and stop periods in games where we concede 4-7 unanswered goals. Profound concentration and on-field leadership and discipline improvement. Cease to be the nice guys of the competition... time for some ruthlessness.

Player(s) who MUST improve: Cuningham, Dow, Fisher, McGovern, McKay’s kicking & thinking, Setterfield.

(crystal ball time) Player(s) who will surprise with their improvement: Deluca, McGovern, Setterfield.

Most looking forward to beating: Richmond and Hawthorn.

(crystal ball again) Our ladder position will be: 8 – 10.

AFL should: Prevent marquee players changing clubs to top 8 clubs. 'Equalization is happening' says Gil… lying pr1ck, I say.
Blah-Blah Bar / Vale, Mike Williamson
Great commentator, great fella.

Immortalised Jezza with, "Jesaulenko, you beauty..."

RIP Mike. You were all class.
Robert Heatley Stand / If Not BB, Who?
Some of us are beginning to seriously doubt that BB is the man to take this group forward, to the next step, if you like.

Some of us are happy to trust BB with our future (those words made me shudder!). I guess this thread is to give voice to those who believe change is worth considering.

I'll put my two bobs worth forward. I have grave concerns that BB is not the man from here on. He seems to lack imagination and creativity with his coaching, no 'brand' if you will. And opposition coaches seem to out coach him week in, week out.

I believe BB was the right person to 'sweet talk' us through the rebuild but now we need someone with strong experience. When I hear BB is BBQing and driving home with players, and falling in love with the players I just shake my head... reactive stuff (heard about Buckley and Co and decided to emulate... )

But who? Well, for those of us believing change at the top of the coaching tree should be considered and discussed.. who springs to mind? I'd probably put Teague in the top job soon, see how he does, and consider who takes over from next year.

Ladies Lounge / Harf, AFLW Senior Coach of the Year
Voted by the AFLCA, Harf has been named the AFLW Senior Coach of the Year. Bloody ripper. Couldn't go to a more deserving, competent and damn terrific bloke.

I recall when Harf joined us during the 'dark years' (when will they end!) and at an open day watched him with the kids & parents. His ability to connect and communicate with them all regardless of age was authentic and just great. You knew then that this was a quality person and very, very smart... and superior coach material.

Congrats Harf, richly deserved.
Blah-Blah Bar / 2019 - Predictions (some fun)
Bit of ‘nearest the pin’ fun for season 2019/a little something to help pass the time!!

At the end of the 2019 season you’ll find that:

Our ladder position is:   10th

Our leading goal kickers are (with number of goals):
1.   H (51)  
2.   Gov (48)    
3.   Faz & Charlie tie on (31)

Leading the tackle count is:
1.   E Curnow &  
2.   Zac F   

Most marks:
1.   Doc 
2.   Marchbank    

Surprise bolter/most improved is:  Garlett

Kid to emerge (fewer than 5 games at start of 2019):  TDK

Best 2 first year players:
1.   Walsh 
2.   Stocker   

Best 2 with 23-50 (by seasons end) career games:
1.   Dow 
2.   Setterfield  

Our B&F winner/Best Brownlow prospect:    Cripps

The bloke I’d really love to see have a ripper season/really show his potential:  SPS & Murph

(perhaps someone with a far better knowledge of the AFLW than me could set up something similar for the gals.)
Robert Heatley Stand / When Is The Honeymoon Period Over?
Thought it might be a reasonable discussion for us to muse over when we believe the slack we members/supporters are cutting BB, SOS and Triggster re the 'reset', should be over and why. Finite goals must be set, it's when humans are at their best... open ended goals breed failure.

Yes, they're delivering on no more quick fixes and no more saviours. Ripper. Turning over the list and getting young talent into the place looks to be going well also. Ripper. So when does the consistent impressiveness start?

I don't buy the approx 5 year [email protected] for a second. Most 5 year plans fail badly. 3 is good as there's enough tolerance in the first year to 18 months to rip things down, set the set the new foundations then restart ...but have some pressure build pretty soon after that to deliver or begin to deliver on the promises - and the bottom line is that we're building/doing all of this for the stated goal of 'sustained excellence'.

For me the honeymoon period must be over by the middle of next year., with obvious signs of strong improvement by the end of this year. Of course there could be mitigating circumstances such as unreasonable numbers of injuries.

(And by the way, Triggster... you owe us big time for removing Eddie from us to go to the Crows. So, how about a major coup/signing or two at the end of this year!!!!)

Blah-Blah Bar / NBs Final Practice Match
Overcast condition with a bit of a swirly wind. Been about 100 years since I've been to Arden Street.

NBs 13.10 def W'bee 9.11

Best effort from the boys I've seen thus far this year. Great that there were so many CFC listed blokes playing.

Nick Graham didn't play, so obviously today's emergency for the seniors.

3 goals: Palmer and Galucci. 2 goals:Jaksch and 1ea to Jones, McKay (though he should have had 3), Kerridge, Korcheck and Boekhorst.

Dylan Buckley serviceable as the small defender.

JGM also serviceable.

Williamson was good, like the way he reads the play. Thinks like a footballer.

Jones was good in terms of presenting, tackling and attacking the aggott, took a great contested mark - of course! Problem for Jones is that in general play when he's got the aggott some of his decisions are just terrible, has the happy knack of turning into trouble!

Harry is coming along nicely, contested well and should have had 3 goals... missed a sitter and was not allowed another due to team mate getting a free just before booting the goal - poor umpiring, obvious advantage play-on. Player with the free missed, rubbing salt into the wound - Harry understandably not impressed.

Palmer was very good and set the tone early. Has probably passed Kerridge.

Kerridge was busy but for mine is now shaded by Palmer... typically a couple of his passes by foot were shockers.

Korchek was dominant in the ruck. FA else, but was really good giving our mids first use.

Sumner must be really rusty or something... didn't do much.

Jaksch kicked a couple of good goals but also missed some sitters. Contested well and shows a much better intent, bit like Jones though once the aggott hits the deck.

Zac F. liked his game, one of the 'little shoots' to grow a little more today. Up until today he'd been busy in every game but took very little possession, today he won more possession with v good disposal. Coming along nicely. He's a player but will take time.

Cuningham 'the conundrum' ... better, more effective effort today. Still a couple too many clangers... had a kick at half forward and gave it to the opposition with a ridiculous pass to a bloke with 3 opponents! Ball ended up in 2 seconds in their forward line.

Boekhorst, best I've seen from him in a long time. Close to our best in the first half...

Polson, like Fisher, coming along nicely. Gee he's quick. Gets to contests and has v. good disposal.

Gus was also v good. When the ball was in his hands down back you just knew it would land on a team mates chest. Showed some real dash at times with damaging disposal to advantage. One of those blokes who never seems flustered and has loads of time. Close.

Galucci was a highlight for me. Easily the most dangerous small forward. Doesn't need many opportunities to hit the scoreboard. Reliable kick and really opportunistic... turned half chances into goals (kicked 3 and all rippers).
Robert Heatley Stand / Development and Recruiting

This articcle in today's Age does give good comments in relation to our on-field plight in many ways... and wholeheartedly supports Ye Sheikness in declaring in one of his summaries that we have no A graders ...yet we should have loads.

Before we venture to the draft again, we really need to examine our development and recruiting and address why our 1st rounders aren't delivering on potential and our propensity to recruit nuffs.

(Yes, I realise on the old website we covered a lot of this and there are have been threads dealing with this huge issue, but maybe now lets really hone in and focus on this... as is the media)