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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Frustrations: AFL 2021 Rd 14: Carlton vs GWS
There's been a few off-field issues for Stack as well that probably haven't helped him late last year and into this year. Do we think we've got the sort of environment that could cater for that....Richmond have certainly been able to do it.

We can only hope that the Independent Review addresses this (environment/culture) because I reckon Stocks is a strong part of our future and absolutely deserves considerable investment (along with our other youngins).
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
As LP noted, NSW is now facing a surge: 10 new cases. Perhaps Victoria overreacts to spikes but after a massive death toll when one got away from it, this is understandable. NSW has been lucky so far, but as the Atlantic article notes that may just have been due to the dumb luck of having no superspreaders in the past. If they’ve crapped out this time, Gladys’ reluctance to impose anything more than mask mandates might bite her in the arse.

...and let's see if the anti-Vic sentiment from the HUN (Rita P in particular) is taken up re NSW and their Premier!!
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Frustrations: AFL 2021 Rd 14: Carlton vs GWS
See Adam Saad, Zac Williams, Mitch McGovern and Jack Martin.
All talented.  All costly.  All under whelming in terms of output.
The Sydney stack approach is for a need we have.

Shaun Grigg was seen the same at the time, but he was valuable to Richmond. He was plugged into a better system. We have to admit that our game plan is not good enough... in so many ways.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game profession of faith: AFL 2021 Rd 15: Carlton vs Adelaide
Can you forward that to Teague Shane?

Docherty played a couple of his best games for a while when he was moved to the wing/midfield and that role is a little more forgiving of fumbles. 

My back seven would be Weitering, Jones, Saad, Newman, Williams, Plowman (if fit) and Boyd with Docherty and Stocker in the midfield.

Spot on. I make the comment about resting Doc if he is having probs effecting his game. Yes, he looked much better on a wing... I like the idea of putting him in the action in the midfield - could be just the thing for his confidence as well.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game profession of faith: AFL 2021 Rd 15: Carlton vs Adelaide
If we go into this game with the same game plan, we will get what we've been getting. But overhauling a system mid season is too big an ask. But, defense focus must be instilled... defensive systems demand accountability and a superior work ethic, from there you can build.

And if Murphy is recalled, make him earn his paycheck and put him in the midfield not a high forward - he becomes too unaccountable as a forward. Bring in a defender and get Stocker into the action - he makes things happen. Honey in also.

The TT raves on about playing blokes to their strengths, telling blokes to play to their strengths... then plays them out of position!!!! I'm talking about Stocker (there are others). Let him off the leash. We recruited Boyd to be a lockdown defender with good disposal skills... well... bring him in. Risks are needed.

Face the fact that Doc is badly out of form (sheesh, what he has had to endure... any wonder) so you do what you rave on about doing - make blokes earn their spot. Doc isn't. His fumbles are not only costly for general play, they're costly to morale and leadership. Rest him.

Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Movie thread...
Congrats on the novel.

Yeah, i first watched Splice simply for the director, Vincenzo Natali. Saw Splice as part of MIFF and loved it.
Saw it a couple of times since then, and it doesn't have quite the same impact.....but first viewing blew me away.

His movies are worth watching, especially those he has written and directed. Splice, Cube, Nothing.....and i haven't seen his latest one In The Tall Grass yet.

With all that in mind....and along similar lines to Ex Machina you should watch "Morgan". You'll like that one too.

Yep, some movies definitely are better left to a single viewing. I recall the scene in Splice ***spoiler alert*** where the two other critters suddenly turned on each other in front of all the investors... but that was the only weakness, IMHO, in the script... though the reason for them suddenly turning on each other was great and plausible - think I might have had a small scene or two that hinted that all was not well with them but our lead characters ignored the warning due to the imperative of funding. Just thoughts.

Where will I find 'Morgan'? Went looking on Stan and Netflix last night but no joy... sounds intriguing.

Splice has been left wide open for a sequel... so many ways it could go!
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Movie thread...
Well done Baggers Ol Boy, hope its a winner for you.

Thank you, GTC. A labour of love! Would have had the present project -- biblical supernatural thriller -- finished last year only good old PTSD floored me for a few months. Not complaining, just the way it is... on that, as an aside, helping out the RSL with the veterans suicide prevention task force - another passion.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: Movie thread...
Another movie that is on Stan for ya......Splice.

Bit different....might not be your cup of tea. But its well done and could be a Black Mirror episode the way it plays out.

To add a little more to why I liked Splice - DNA intervention movies, if well acted and even a little plausible, really get me in. And Splice was all of those. The journey that Dren took them on, morally and scientifically, was really well done. Great imagination from the creator/writer. I wrote a novel with a few vaguely similar concepts and all things being equal, it will come out next year... my editor recommended turning it into a screenplay... so I did a screenplay intensive course a few years back - such a different medium. Can't wait to get into it once finishing my present project.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game profession of faith: AFL 2021 Rd 15: Carlton vs Adelaide
Samo pulled the handbrake in one contest and Murphy was looking for the easy handoffs. Got annoyed too when a couple of players wouldn't give in the easy ball after they took the mark.
So no to both from me and Imo Murphy is playing for the 300 only and I'm with Spanner and I wouldn't pick him again.

Totally agree. At a pinch, maybe SPS ahead of Murphy - who should stop embarrassing himself and retire.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Post Game Frustrations: AFL 2021 Rd 14: Carlton vs GWS
The abject mental capitulation and total lack of confidence of the players in themselves, the coach and the club greatly worries me.   We could recruit Parkin as coach and a bevy of guns but our problems aren't ability,  it's culture and attitude.   This changes,  to me at least,  the kind of bloke we need as coach.  I think we have the ability, but between the ears is the problem.

Oh,  and I'd sack the non hackers on the spot.... They've had plenty of chances to put in, but they don't can't or won't.   That's a terrible indictment on a playing group.

Nice summary, Professory.

Even the Kangabies have shown more improvement this year. What an indictment. We are a bottom 4 side... and sliding.

Totally bereft of the basics that make a good football side, let alone a finalist, let alone top 4, let alone a contender.

Stanton laughing while our team flails is etched in my mind. FO d1ckhead... hand in your resignation Monday.

We definitely need a senior coach who is a club leader, someone who values defense and team, someone who commands respect. The TT is too naive, one dimensional and even tempered for the job. Giant disappointment. We exchange one set of training wheels, for another set of training wheels.

You'd have reasonably thought that everyone would have been galvanized by the independent review, to put their best foot forward last night. We did for the first 5 bounce ups... then, as you say Professory, capitulated. GWS relax a little in the 3rd, we rally, they focus again, we wilt. No mental toughness at all... only confusion, individualism, softness and then more confusion - spiritless, soulless.

We have the talent, of that I have absolutely no doubt. But when you plug in a poor game plan... well, even the best can and will perform below par, or even worse.

Time to fast track this review and implement meaningful, swift change before all is lost.