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Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game Premonitions: AFL 2021 Rd 14: Carlton vs GWS
Our defence in 2016 and 2017 was pretty reasonable. Once Teague came on board in 2018, the focus shifted and the coherence from those 2 years just evaporated. I'm not sure what's up, and I have no interest in starting yet another slanging match, but his coaching history with us clearly shows a struggle / lack of interest in modern, sophisticated defensive setups. We are lucky that neither Weitering nor Jones have been out long term, because we would be stuffed. Teague's reliance on these two is excessive IMO.

I don't think anyone could argue with your point, Pauly. It's exactly what has happened... we've gone from one extreme to the other. Perhaps The TT sold the coaching panel that he could deliver a more attacking style... not so dour, prettier, more of what the AFL wanted - better TV times meant better and more sponsors.

However, purely offensive sides get opened up easier and develop a softer, downhill skier mentality.

We have the talent to attack and attack well, but that should be after we've defended solidly and can, if things go wrong, resort to strong defensive structures.

It always worried me when The TT would comment, after being asked about our opponents, that he concentrates on our side only. There's an old saying, which is still true today (for gladiatorial sports & in war times)... 'first, know your opponent/enemy and expect their best'. And that suggests strong defensive strategies... then offense when you countered them/reduced their abilities.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Pre game Premonitions: AFL 2021 Rd 14: Carlton vs GWS
Strange media conference from The TT today. Seemed very stilted with scripted responses. Really talked up how many things we're doing right!!! Dangerous to draw conclusions from this -- jumping at shadows -- but it really did seem to be a senior coach seriously under the pump (understandable).
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
I think the AFL and the MRO both need an independent review. Urgently.

They want the game faster yet claim to be clamping down on head-high contact. Well guess what AFL, collective heads of immaculate density, in a physical contact sport where it is made faster the head contacts run the risk of being worse - more concussions. What do other sports with high contact do... headgear. Modern science must be able to come up with a comfortable, thin, high absorbent material head protection which will reduce some concussions to zero and bad ones to less harmful. Oh, hang on, Gil is into pretty/appearances... no room for practicality. If I had a son/daughter who was playing AFL/W I would strongly suggest to him or her to wear protective headgear.

As for last night's decision... holy [email protected] Plow goes because they claim he did not have eyes for the aggott, Mackay gets off because they believe it was an honest contest for the pill. Did anyone else notice Mackay become airborne to ensure he hit his opponent flush with his shoulder??? And his opponent was in a more vulnerable position! A great pile of steamy bullshizen... inconsistency 101.

How confused must the players be... many will be watching the Mackay hit over and over to ensure they emulate that kind of collision so they get off. Der.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
So we're having a review, why?
There seems to be a lot of different opinions on this one.
To summarise...

1) Sayers wants to make a clear distinction between his presidency and the previous one. He wants to present an image to supporters that he is a man who is not afraid to take action if necessary.
2) Sayer’s has gone off ‘half-cocked’ based on a couple of conversations with players.
3) This is the review we had to have.
4) It’s the review we had to have but the timing is a bit off and it ‘could have, should have’ waited until seasons end.
5) It’s the review we had to have, but it should look at all aspects of the club operation rather than just the football department.
6) The review comes at a strange time given we have a much better second half draw and players coming back from injury. There is a danger we could end up looking a bit panicky and silly by season’s end.
7) It’s a time buying exercise designed to temporarily ease pressure and give the impression the club is responding to supporter’s concerns.
8 ) We don’t need to review anything, we’re tracking fine. It's just taking a bit of time for things to gel, but once we get games into players together and a few players back from injury things will turn quickly.

The bizarre thing about this one is that you could just about make a solid case for any one of those options...or a combination of those options.

9. The incoming Pres has knowledge that we're not aware of/spoke to many more folks than indicated in the media and is a personality type not given to sitting on a problem when clearly presented - a man inclined to action, especially when it can positively impact on-field performance sooner rather than later.
Blah-Blah Bar / Re: CV and mad panic behaviour
Firstly, thank you again to PAULY, for introducing me to 'The Conversation.' Such a high level of journalism.

This article today I, personally, found really helpful among a plethora of confusing and misinformation.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
It will be interesting to see how long the review takes.
Pavlich's comments seem to indicate it will be quite comprehensive.
Some aspects of the football department function may spill over into other areas and raise a few issues for other sections of the club.
The transparency and how recommendations are dealt with will be interesting.

You would think we're probably looking at a time frame of around at least 4-6 weeks to gather information, given the number of people they need to speak to, and the movement of players and officials involved with the fixtures all over the shop at the moment.
It might be hard to tie a few folks down.

Compiling, discussion and reporting may extend that time frame, but if, as is likely, there are issues surrounding the assistant coaches they may need to be fast tracked as their positions for next year will need to  be confirmed.

Agree... and Sayers doesn't seem to be the sort of cat who's into 'papering over cracks', so, comprehensive is a good word - and comprehensive it must be. If it spills into other areas of the club - good. If there is need for strong change, good.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they unearth.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
I've suggested this a few times before, and some of the old timers won't have a bar or it. For supporters of a particular era, Balme is the most hated man in CFC history. I'm not sure I like him that much either,  but where he goes, success follows.

I guess I might be one of those 'old timers' (having Brent Crosswell as my avatar is a bit of a giveaway) who despised Balme for his mongrel acts in the early 70s against some of our legends.

However... he is the best footy dept manager going around and I'd snap him up in a second. Bringing order and strength to our footy dept is one way he can make amends  ;)
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
Totally agree with your views about "team" or lack there of, and the eroding process of instability and therefore uncertainty.

Generally people struggle with uncertainty. By default it then consumes resources from the body, mind, and heart. In that sense our team is operating with a real handicap, and has been for much of the recent past. This understanding of human psychology is most denied/misinterpreted/misused by those devoted to power and self promotion. Thus the tension between looking after business/outcomes v people. Organizations with healthy culture enable both to coexist under a clear philosophy or brand.

Much is about stability, so long as the goals/roles - personnel/processes are ALL pulling in the same direction.

I'll say again. In an organization that has more change than stability, one of the roles with potential to enhance individual/team is the Org psych. Of course, that person also works within the "greater good" plan.

As complex as it seems, it's also simple and simple measures can make an enormous difference. Every person in our club has the same condition. The human condition. Strip it back to respect, integrity, honesty. Add in energy, intensity, and teamwork.

Sorry, got a bit side tracked there. I'll show myself out🙂

One last thing.... we all make sense of events differently. Be kind to one another - WE are on the same team

Love it. Top stuff, LN. I won't bang on, just to say you know where I stand with respect, authenticity, honesty... bla bla bla - let's be human with each other, dare to be vulnerable, no place for my way or the highway (which is what the Tiggers did, by the way - superior bonding sessions around 2016).
Ladies Lounge / Re: AFLW - Contracted or uncontracted?
Winnie Laing has been delisted today.

Probably to make room for all of our early draft picks we now have. 5 inside the 2nd round whih equates to 5 inside the top 20 from the vic pool of players.


6 out
1 in - Dal Pos

So 5 picks to use.

Wrapped to get Jess DP. I recall watching a GWS game and to me she was a real stand out with her endeavour, reading of the play and skills, even Mrs Baggers commented on how good she is.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
To copy what has been done before is not the answer ie:

 - Don't copy our last 20 years - it's broke, doesn't work
 - Don't copy anything before the last 20 years - times have changed
 - Don't copy others - once we do that we are behind, as they have already moved on to greater things (which we may have done as per Sydney and Roos in appointing Teague) - we also talk about the Geelong and Richmond reviews particularly.
 - Do tweak other models, put them in our context - use experiences gained.  Keep Teague, get him the help he needs - preferably someone experienced who knows how to win.  Let Teague work on his strengths and someone help back him up with his weaknesses.  IF we back our coach properly, that will build confidence.  Sayers was on the board that appointed Teague.  Back him.  Don't listen to us plebs, we have no idea what's really going on (but we care). What if the review finds that The TT is a stubborn prck who has a lopsided game plan that's caused all the strife we're in - too focussed on offense?
 - Don't listen to uninvited rumour and innuendo.  Pick carefully who to chat with.
 - Be honest about our list and expectations for the rest of the season.
Robert Heatley Stand / Re: Review
I agree lods.

It smacks of disunity - "you guys are the problem, we're doing fine." Well guess what ? Who signs off on the coaches, players etc. Who signed up Malthouse ? Who signed off on the mother of all rebuilds ?  Who signs off on all the sackings ? Who still gets dictated to by the Pratt / Mathieson factions ?

Always address the patient's most urgent needs first...